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EACA Community Meeting Minutes – March 13, 2018

EACA Community Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2018
Welcome – Lewis Cartee, President
Atlanta Police Department
East Atlanta Security Patrol (Myron Polster)
Placemaking Grant Update – Alex Frankcombe
Under the Dome – Hannah Perkins (Chief of Staff – Rep Nguyen)
Urban Land Institute – Mini Technical Assistance Panel (mTap)
Evan Shaw – Novare Group: What is ULI and mTAP? Jarrett Sappington – PGIM: Team, problem statement, next steps. Dave Pierce – Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. – Survey.
2018 budget review
Closing remarks and adjournment
Meeting start at 7:06pm
Welcomes and announcements
Community updates
Atlanta Police Department – Neil Klotzer Continuity with neighbors and going on. Respects the challenge as someone new coming in. Intro to Captain Collier (20+ years) New to Zone. Good person to speak with on technology. Braeburn Circle annexation is going forward, effective April 1st. Things in place, should have no issue servicing the area. 911 service has mapped location. 121 households – we can handle the additional work  Q: Known party house 2:00am to 5:00am (Flat Shoals Anenue/Cloverdale) 8 gunshots ~3 weeks ago. It is consistent, can APD work with DeKalb when it is happening. Made known. Challenge is that the home is DeKalb county. APD cannot enforce on the DeKalb side. Pushed information to Commander Johnson. If there are cars and parking issues that move to Flat Shoals side. Encourages calling in – work with coordinating efforts. N. Klotzer will champion for our community. Anytime you have questions, comments and concerns please reach out.
EASP – EASP has been around for 11 years. Provides off-duty as well as regular officers. Encourage people to call but should call 911 first and call EASP. Do not work 24/7 – do not have funds. If it doesn’t require immediate response, call EASP. Do not need to be a member to call. Why become a member? Funds the officers. More people on your block equals more patrols. Record membership – thank you!!! East Lake was trying to shut down due to lack of interest. Cameras – trying to put together a database of people in the community that have cameras. Will share with APD (member or not). If there is a crime on your street, can share that information with APD. Rolling out to members first; great community after. Membership – can join anytime but not effective until the first day of next quarter – June 1, 404-954-1568. Out of town requests – will pass to EASP and APD officers providing double coverage.
Farmer’s Market – Sam (Market Manager) – Opening day is April 12 at 572 Stokeswood Avenue. Flyers, yards signs andemail signup. Grant for playscape – waiting for community feedback. Murals, Water play tables and Checker stumps. Over the next few months will be taking community input. March 24 from 11:00am to 2:00pm: First workday, same as electronics recycling. Looking for volunteers. Lunch will be provided. Artist input also appreciated.
Ed Gilgor – East Atlanta BeerFest – EABF – May 19 at Brownwood Park. VIP noon / Commoners at 1:00pm.
Guests – Banshee Owners – Opens Late April – Mid May. New American – melting pot of cuisine
Under the Dome (Day 20) Hannah Perkins (Chief of Staff for State Rep Bee Nguyen) – Shared handout of bills that have passed and what Bee voted on. Last month – HB 644 – legislation failed and will not pop up again until the next cycle. Did not make it to full house vote. Help with legislation that is hurtful. SB 309 changes election law. SB 363 Affects CoA – changes voting hours from 8:00pm to 7:00pm. SB 623 – Failed twice. Allows agencies to biometric data and turn over to the FBI. Against legislation and would hurt undo. SB 375 – allow agencies to discriminate against potential adoptive parents. SB 452 – local support to ICE. Reach out to Speaker of House Ralston – he is the person to contact 404-656-5020
Committee Updates
NiN Couple of fundraisers coming up. 8th Annual Poker Tournament – March 24th. Free to walk in and you will get 300 chips. Can win $500 Visa GC. 10 – 1pm. Keller Williams is hosting electronics recycling event, working with, eCycle and East Atlanta Farmer’s Market. A portion of the proceeds will be given to NiN. 3rd Annual NiN Gala – Sat, October 13th (Vintage Casino Theme). Green lot next to Argosy. More information to follow. Looking for social media/marketing assistance. Thank you to Bee Nguyen’s office for assistance with NiN client. Office was very helpful with providing some critical documentation. If you do have a need, Bee’s office will help where they can.
2018 Budget Review: $50K is EACA dollars. Much of it is earmarked for NiN. BPA Garden $5K earmarked. Bylaws changed – for any expenditure, you read month 1 and approve in month 2. With budget you (EACA) are approving spending, Monthly reports provide list of checks that were written. Fiscal year begins in March. Last month we presented the budget, this month approves. Safeguard $$$$ – only president can sign. Q: Increased budget – higher this month. $6K in NiN last month. Board looks at 6-month point and 12-month point. Motion to approve budget – approved.
Land Use & Zoning: Meetings 1st Tuesday of the month at Village Church – Full NPU – 4th Wednesday at 7:30pm – Andy can be reached at land
Placemaking Presentation: Alex Frankcombe – Founder + Principal Urban Designer → Sharing update on Placemaking Grant. Total CoA budget is $100K – application due this Friday. 180 responses (very pleased with feedback) 462 aspirations, 156 small ideas and 162 big ideas. Hoping to group these ideas Q1: What are top 3 things – Economic Development – Diversity of businesses, Streets & Greenspace – Walkability, People & Place – Sense of Community. Q2: Top things you would like to see changed or addressed in East Atlanta Village Vacant storefronts (Madison), Cleanliness and Crime & Safety. Q3 Imagine EAV 10 years from now. Q4 One small idea – Beautification – Community Clean-up, Community building – fundraising, events, greenery. Q5 Big Ideas – Community & Public Space, Pedestrian and bike infrastructure. Will share in next newsletter. Quick Wins Review NC-2, Undertake parking audit, Work with EASP to undertake crime prevention, Regular monthly community clean-up. Where’s the public space? What is the center of this community? Today and hHistorically.
Intersection of Glenwood & Flat Shoals. Looks like a compass – Flat Shoals route was a Native American route Savannah to the mountains. Historically a part of the community. Reintroduce back into the community – EAV Compass (EAV Heart & Soul). Could be a mural of the past and vision into the future. EAV state of mind: 1980’s president, “EAV is a state of mind, if you feel like you live here, you do.” Northern End – Traveler’s Rest, Opportunity to bring that history back in. Wayfinding (near Marta bus stop) – Brownwood Park, Library, Walking distance, BeltLine. Shared images (rainbow – less Glenwood) Glenwood is a state road.
Repurposing/re-adapting the garden bed with a deck – ability to look at as a gathering point (Community Porch) Parklet – converting parking space into parking space (near Joe’s) Alex would really like feedback from the community. Providing level of detail in submission to show CoA that we have thought about this. Q: How much are we asking for? Do not have to provide an amount in the applications. $$ discussion take place following approval of grant. LA parklets run about $30K; if more of a community driven effort can do for $10K.
Q: Zoning Variances – Steve: none, Working CoA. Thank you for the work put into this proposal…this is a buffet proposal – savvy way to propose to the city. Q: Flat Shoals/Bouldercrest Triangle – was that considered.
No. Needs to be public land. Flat Shoals Arkwright area. Office of Mobility Planning. FB: Nancy Hennessey – Silent Legend of East Atlanta. Cleans up EAV every week. Encourage her involvement. Jeanne was Nancy’s conduit. Concern: The Parklet – many storefront businesses do not have parking (sidelet closer to the  bank).
Comment: Trash receptacles that will be emptied by the city. Promote recycling…Go Green. Comment: Striping & Painting (should have bicycle sharing) add to the buffet of projects. Thank you to Alex for the time & effort he put into this project as a new resident of EAV. Numerous thank you’s and applause.
Ted (for Andy) Urban Land Institute – Mini Technical Assistance Panel (mTap). Evan Shaw – Novare Group: What is ULI and mTAP – Works with local developer. ULI – mission to provide leadership and responsible use of land, conservation. Jarrett Sappington – PGIM: Team, Problem Statement, Next Steps. Group of 5 that support different sectors. Andy reached out. Gap analysis/void analysis. Study of what could be built/better utilized. Current state/future state. Synergies with placemaking. Looking at various case studies. Speaking with industry experts. Back in a few months to share findings. Dave Pierce – Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. – Survey. Lives in Candler Park. Community engagement – survey was helpful. Character, parking and other matters pertaining to zoning. Paper form but will release electronically. What do you love about EAV? Q: What is the outcome of the project? Do you have examples? Easy with property funding, this project has a broader spectrum, looking to make tangible assessments. Change the mix of commercial usage in the village. Repurpose retailers – too many of this/not enough of that. Rebalancing. EACA is client. Confirms mTap looking at same thing. Looking at policy changes for LUZ. Members of ULI center of Leadership – 30 in class that meet monthly to discuss Atl and its growth as the challenges (traffic, water, increase density) while trying to maintain the city’s culture and history. mTAP – volunteer to help solve a problem.
Motion to approve February minutes and spend for February – Approved
Meeting ended at 8:22pm.

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