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EACA Community Meeting Minutes – July 10, 2018

Welcome and announcements
East Atlanta Parents Network, Emily LeVan – Chair; new chair email Emily ( with any questions. Two small kids; lived here for nine years.
Red Robin Realtors, Melissa Wakamo and Tom Trimble – Will be opening new office next to We Suki Suki. 2 weeks from Thursday grand opening in the village. Will have event space that seats about 25 seats available for use.
Nancy Carpenter: Strut September 22 – Run 100 by volunteers. Sign up at NIN Viva Las EAV farmers market space October 13.
Meeting called to order by Lewis Cartee at 7:01pm.
Community Updates
Atlanta Police Department – Sergeant Hines: Burglaries aredown, car break ins are up. Take everything out of the car. Email
Trees Atlanta, Kevin Mink and Taryn Heidel – Greenspace Guardians. New Community volunteering group. Survey online. Once a month first Friday of every month, quarterly projects. August 3rd and 4th coordinated thru Jay and Alex, . Sign in sheet for more information Greenspace Guardians. survey will be sent in the next email blast. Feedback is welcome. Will plant free trees in front yards. go to trees Atlanta website and fill out form. Urban Ecology bit in limbo. Very broad will be brainstorming to formulate soon. Conservation fund, Trees Atlanta, and the Nature Conservancy are working on rewrite of the ordinance. Ted Levine is the contact person.
Parks & Greenspace – Jay Kirkland: Ivy killed off of trees. EACA volunteer events on hiatus until August. Unincorporated Dekalb residents express interest in making Skyhaven into a park. They need residents from the unincorporated DeKalb side to help in the effort.
Land Use and Zoning – Ed Gilgor, NPU-W Vice Chair. Meetings 1st Tuesday of the month at Village Church. Full NPU – 4th Wednesday at 7:30pm. Andy can be reached at land Voting matters: V-18-198: 797 Brownwood Avenue – variance application. front yard setback and side yard setback variance. motion passes. 979 Moreland Avenue – Rezoned to R-4a. Applicant wants to subdivide the lot. V-18-184: 1299 McPherson Ave – variance application. Seeks to reduce side yard setback for new second floor addition. Motion passes. SD-18-027: 1531 Marbut Avenue SE – subdivision request DEAD planning killed it. Z-18-033: 1640 Flat Shoals Avenue – rezoning application (R-4 to R-4a smaller, different frontage etc.) Land use committee voted to deny. Applicant wants to cut down 107 trees. Motion to deny; second. Unanimous decision to deny. Flat Shoals rezoning for 85 townhomes. Opposition because of no hardship; does not address the commercial zone at Flat Shoals and Bouldercrest. No Parking sign in front of the vape shop. Ed is working to get sign taken down. The community agrees. Updates: SAP 18-073: 543-549 Stokeswood Avenue – Earthshaking Music structure. NPU-W submitted comments on SAP last month. Does not meet a certain requirement (open space). SAP is being reviewed. V-18-072: 1670 Marbut – NPU-W does not recommend. 820 Flat Shoals Avenue – (no rezoning app presented to date). NC-2 proposed revisions – Multi family dwellings must be 20% commercial in the village. Proposed by Natalyn Archibong. The goal is to have commercial space and have community input into future develop in the commercial district. Resolution may need a little tweaking. Will not affect the project that is already in process. Vote for support of the intent of the motions with revisions. seconded. Vote 26-2-3. Working to Rewrite SAP procedure.
Set of properties being annexed into the city of Atlanta off of Bouldercrest. Annexed land must be rezoned when entering the city. These properties have houses that are already built. Will be classified as R-4a. Setting a precedent is a worry but is a different situation than new construction. Motion to incorporate at R-4 passes unanimously.
Closing remarks and adjournment
Motion to accept the meeting minutes and budget accepted.

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