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EACA Community Meeting Minutes – January 8, 2019

January 8, 2019

Welcome & Announcements

2019 Officers: Dawn Rivera, President –; Lewis Cartee, Vice President –; Nickie Griffis, Secretary –; Ralph Green, Treasurer –

Atlanta Police Department – recognized upon arrival.

HNY – Sgt. Moody filling in for Crowder and Klotzer. Lowest crime of all Zones – any questions Sgt Moody will take info. Comment: APD doing a good job. Q: Are there any recommendations for camera locations? A: As long as out of reach it is a good starting point and best to have.  Officer has ring and camera in backyard. Q: Any details on house break-in (Brownwood/Flat Shoals) in middle of night. A: Open investigation. Stole car keys/suspect was caught attempting to steal vehicle. Topline of crimes in are our Trees Atlanta – Brownwood Park Greenspace Guardians for 2019. Ren (Trees Atlanta) Local non-profit dedicated to protecting urban forest.  Planting this weekend Ormewood Ave – Moreland to Flat Shoals – approved by city arborist. UniD Oakfield/Cloverdale triangle. New partnership – lots of trees in tree bank. Russell Toning – Dekalb County Arborist. Dept Dir – Ricky Cunningham -Planning & Sustainability. Send thank you – encourage further partnerships. Q: Blackhall Studios – Land Swap – contributing to tree bank as they are clearing acres? A: Margaret Spaulding will address.  This is in UniD. Dekalb gets IOUs from developers and replanting trees. Taryn – Forest Restoration Remove invasive and planting natives. Friday monthly projects and Saturday quarterly projects. Starting Feb 1st Saturday of the month, no matter what there are volunteer opportunities in Brownwood Park. Working to remove bamboo and replace with native bamboo. Other volunteer opportunities to coordinate with EACA. Q: Does Trees Atlanta have any help with tree assessments? A: Comprehensive studies – tree ordinance. Trees Atlanta can only do so much as contractors for the city. Not invited to the table. Monthly Trees Atlanta newsletters – typically by Pendleton. Shared sign-up for Trees Atlanta newsletter – interactive map updated monthly Free shade trees in front yards in CoA Tree planting on the 12th of Jan – PoC is Ren McDonald. Exec Dir – Greg Levine (greg@treesatlantaorg) – willing to answer questions.

Update on the Entrenchment Creek land swap proposed by Blackhall Studios in unincorporated DeKalb County, south of East Atlanta (Joe Peery & Margaret Spaulding). Grant for bench – dedicated to Horace Gist. Entrenchment Creek ~ 3 miles away. 2004 Arthur Blank foundation got together with county and created park (in perpetuity). Bike path and parking off Bouldercrest – little pavilion and path that dead ends at remote controlled airfield.  Sugar Creek Golf Course, MLK – Arabia Mtn, connects several trails. Go to to see all the trails Blackhall bought parcel for back lot – stopped building. Lot left open – several tires on property Over 54 acres over/on entrenchment creek. It is already eroded, harsh rains causing pollution. Principle – swapping green space for development could potentially put all greenspace at risk. Reach out to your commissioners, CEO (Dekalb) Larry Johnson & Kathy Gannon. Ecologically (not an equal swap) It shouldn’t be either/or. Blackhall stating it is going to be more recreational – it shouldn’t come at the cost of protecting our environment. Q: What neighborhood have they spoken with A: Cedar Grove Q: Have you spoken to Natalyn Archibong? Q: What is it that (we) can do to help? Is there a form letter? How can we engage the right people with the right information? Motion to request EACA president to send a letter Suggest the letter be sent to the Blank Foundations. Motion approved – Unanimous Ormewood Forest Subdivision – 770 Shadowridge. Least discretion with re-zoning.  Submitted application. Ralph Green: Hired professional help. Water features not dealt with properly, going to write a letter outlining what is wrong with this application.

Proposing 12 lots – sign on property. Subdivision committee meets on the 30th. NPU 23rd at 7:30 pm at Village Church – do not park in parking lot. Cannot build on 100-year flood plain. No need for large group to attend in support. Any questions/comments – feel free to reach out to Ralph Green ( Status of EACA’s appeal to the City of Atlanta’s Board of Zoning Adjustment concerning the proposed townhouse development on the old Earthshaking Music parcel. Earthshaking appeal heard Thursday at noon.  EACA is a party to the appeal. City Hall in Council Chambers. Building spacing requirement – limitations on how close to property lines. Buildings were treated as property lines; they do not come close. Planning does not think that applies. Multiple ordinances do not support. Ironside – how were they able to build 3 inches from sidewalk? Currently do not have certificate of occupancy. 2.4 feet from property line. Appealing the height – lower or get rid of level. 820 Flat Shoals: 27 houses & 13 townhomes – neighborhood community. Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church 7pm on Thursday coming up.  3rd Thrive development. Vote for this is next month.

Grant application to PEDS for crosswalks and related place making in the Village ARC LCI (Atlanta Regional Commission). Focused on crosswalks; How can we make a cohesive Village? Motion in front of NPU seek regional grant – study from 2008. Moreland, sidewalks and streetscapes. In favor of requesting money. Motion to approve.

NiN: Great 2018 – gearing for 2019.  Looking for volunteers (project managers, social media, and marketing). Try to make it fun. If interested, please contact Nancy Carpenter at Expanding for more – safety for seniors, handrails, Co2 monitors, ADA grab bars, painting – do not typically paint – keeps both parties happy and Veterans – patriot guard rails Motion to adopt financial report and notes (no notes due to Holiday Potluck).

Closing Remarks and Adjournment – Adjourn 8:09pm

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