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CMG Neighborhood Renaming

By the CMG Renaming Committee

Custer – McDonough – Guice (CMG) is a neighborhood in Southeast Atlanta at the southernmost edge of SAND, roughly bordered by Custer, Moreland, McDonough, and Welch streets. A committee to explore renaming the neighborhood formed in the summer of 2022, and with SAND assistance, took a meeting with City of Atlanta (CoA) representatives.

CoA is open to renaming the neighborhood, but asked for clear evidence of a visible and widespread campaign to involve CMG residents in the conversation, and a minimum of 25% of adult resident signatures (344 names with contact information and a CMG address connected to them), along with letters of support from SAND and our City Council representative, to proceed.

The CMG renaming committee invites you to join the conversation! Do you like the neighborhood name? Do you hate the neighborhood name? Do you have an idea for what we should change the name to? Tell us!

Join us on the First and Third Wednesdays of each month, starting September 7th, for a virtual Town Hall and let us know what you think. Zoom or Google Meet links will be provided by social media and on our mailing list. Please visit for more information. You can also find updates on the neighborhood Facebook page at and posted at–atlanta–ga.

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