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EACA Meeting

November 9, 2021

7:00pm – Opening Remarks/Introductions – Vic Thomas, EACA vice president, acting president. Chase Miller,, will be the moderator tonight. Approval of Meeting Minutes (October 12) and treasurer’s report. Finance Committee ( – This Committee is responsible for all matters relating to EACA’s finances and chaired by the Treasurer or Treasurer ‘s designate. Approval Treasurer’s Report (October 2021).

Other Committee Reports

Zone 6 Update, Lt. Holt: Update on vendors in the Village. His crew has been on Edgewood, not in EAV, but he referred the situation to traffic folks. He hasn’t heard back from them. Several auto thefts were the main recent crimes. See the chat for his email address.

Public Safety: This committee works with law enforcement/public and private safety agencies along with the EACA Membership in identifying physical safety hazards and seeking solutions to these. Myron Pollster, chairman – East Atlanta Security Patrol is making a special offer to any new members who join in the next two weeks. They will get free membership for the rest of the year. EASP has off-duty officers patrolling the neighborhood. Myron notes he rarely sees beat officers. Lt. Holt says he has one beat officer on each shift in the neighborhood. He says there was a theft today involving equipment being stolen from lawn service workers in the Braeburn/Van Vleck area. This has happened twice in a week, so please warn your workers to be careful. Three cars have been stolen that were left running. At least one was a delivery driver who left the vehicle running. Please be aware this is a high risk. Q: Resident says she doesn’t see many patrols in the neighborhood, particularly in the area where the lawn equipment has been stolen. Speeding and loud cars, ATVs on Flat Shoals continue to be a problem. Previous enforcement of the Ormewood-Flat Shoals stop sign was effective, but that is not consistent. A: Crime suppression unit will be dispatched to the troubled area. Q: More info on suspect car in lawn thefts? A: Older model Nissan car. Lt. will put more info in the chat. Q: Updates on McPherson/Monument house incident? Police were looking for a suspect to come out of a house. Should they be looking out for anything at this problem house? A: Lt. Holt says that would have been a specialist unit and he will try to find out what was going on. Q: Political yard signs, apparently mostly Natalyn’s, have been stolen in EAV by someone in a blue Prius. A: Not much to say.

Neighbor In Need: EACA initiative dedicated to helping low-income elderly homeowners in East Atlanta, allowing them to stay safe and comfortable in their homes. Always in need of Volunteers and Project Managers. Contact Marc Takacs, chairman, NIN has worked on more than 30 projects this year. They need more volunteer help. Have received a $10,000 grant from Archibong’s office. Specifically, they need people to be project managers, working with residents to take applications, meeting with residents and manage projects for the residents.

Parks and Greenspace – This committee focuses on the maintenance and beautifying of the greenspace and parks of East Atlanta. Alex Levy, chairman – Trees Atlanta has been in removing invasive plants. While doing this, they found a large muscadine that may be fruitful next year. They also would like volunteers to work on parks and greenspaces other than Brownwood Park. Trees Atlanta will be planting more trees in the neighborhood soon. Sour note: We’ve lost some grand canopy trees on the Portland Avenue side of the park, but new tree request for that area has been denied by Parks Department. Any trees we plant will be taken down by Parks Dept. mowing crews. Alex will make Natalyn’s office aware. The city doesn’t do much in the park, so this is a disappointment.

Education Committee: This Committee considers all matters relating to education in the East Atlanta area. Jeanne Fore, chairwoman – Maynard Jackson Arts Boosters is open for membership. Go to to join and support the arts at our high school. This group supports the fine and performing arts departments, which means drama, dance, chorus, band, orchestra, and visual arts. Makes concerts and art shows possible. Q: Update on threats against high school? A: There were unspecific gun threats made regarding the high school. Today there was an increased police presence including K9 officers. There is a social media phenomenon involving fights at schools and that somehow may be connected to many fights at the school and this gun threat. Jeanne says students who’ve never been to high school because of Covid are having issues with social and emotional growth. Q: Is this going on at other APS schools. A: Yes, but perhaps not at the same level as Maynard Jackson. Teachers are concerned and working on the problem as best they can.

Transportation ( – This committee is involved with the transportation –related matters that affect East Atlanta ranging from public transport or roads concerns. Alicia Phillips and Karlyn Beer, incoming and outgoing chairwomen – They are working on Flat Shoals speeding. Reach out if interested in helping. Parking in EAV – have been working on a parking study and survey of how many spots are in EAV. Road projects in the area – Glenwood and Moreland do not seem to be progressing, but there are no updates as of now. No big updates on Glenwood repaving east from Moreland to I-20 beginning in Nov. Nate Minor has requested crosswalks that were removed when Glenwood was last repaved will be replaced. Would be great if we could get a contact at GDOT to discuss that. Nate will try his previous contacts. Designated Rideshare zones – one sign has been placed; three others are coming. These will be available in rideshare apps. SMAUG – meeting tomorrow at which they will hear updates on Moreland repaving. Alicia says they are looking for committee members. Meetings on the fourth Monday of the month?

Land Use and Zoning ( – This committee addresses the planning, use and zoning of land within the East Atlanta Community. Karla Causey, chairwoman SD 21-025 1640 Flat Shoals Road – subdivision request. Application deemed incomplete and was sent back to applicant. 1988 Flat Shoals (gas station) – recent application for a gas station, but it has not been that for a while so this permit should not have been grandfathered in. Zoning request on Flat Shoals has been withdrawn. Nov 18 is the date for the next Zoning Review Board meeting. See chat for more info. Q: Update on paid parking signs at Village Fitness on Glenwood. Signs are still up saying parking must be paid for. A: Karla will check.

Membership ( – Revision of EACA Membership Bylaws. Chase Miller, chairman – He is presenting proposed bylaws changes for discussion. They will be voted on next month. See the EACA website for a draft of the bylaws with the proposed changes. See recording of the meeting for Chase’s slide presentation and comments made about the changes.

Nomination, Henry Bryant, chairman — This Committee is responsible for polling the whole of the EACA Membership in order to compile a roster of candidates for the election of President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. EACA Officer Nominations and Call for Committee Chairs. Officer elections during December 14 meeting: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary (Open call for volunteers/candidates). Recruitment for Committee Chairs and Members for: Arts/Culture, Communications, Economic Development, Events, Parents Network. Continued Recruitment for EACA Committees. Join us at Email Henry if you’re interested in being a nominee or being on the nominating committee at Q: When will we be meeting in person again? A: Henry notes there are still Covid issues due to unvaccinated kids and people waiting for booster shots. Announcements: Henry notes Porch Press will not have a January issue. The February issue will be mailed in January, however. Thanks to all the recent advertisers. District 5 and District 1 runoff forum will be on Zoom. November 18, 5:00pm. See chat for link to join the Zoom.

EABA, Nate Minor, president – In 2022 we will be full part of the national Main Street organization. EABA has received a grant to pay a staff member to work on the Main Street initiative, which includes historic preservation in the community, including the effort to restore the Madison Theater. Small business Saturday is coming up. Please support the neighborhood’s small businesses. More info coming soon.

Upcoming events

2nd Annual Winter Holiday Decorating Contest and Tour: Deadline to finalize decorations is Friday, December 10. Register at Voting begins December 11. Winners to be announced at the December 14 meeting. EAV Santa and Christmas Tree Lighting Saturday, December 4. Hanukah Menorah Lighting and Reading in the Village – November 28 through December 6 (Interested volunteers, please contact Kwanzaa Kinara Lighting and Reading in the Village – December 26 through January 1 (Interested volunteers, please contact EACA Booth at Farmer’s Market End of season potluck on November 18.

East Atlanta Strut is offering $1,000 grants to small nonprofits. grant application:

NPU-W needs committee members.

Closing remarks and adjournment at 8:50pm.

Next meeting: December 14.