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Georgia Hill Library Closed
By Nancy Leighton
The books have all been packed up and moved to the newly built Southeast Atlanta library branch located at 1463 Pryor Road. It was built especially to combine three small branch libraries located south of I-20 and east of I-75/I-85. The branches were the Georgia Hill branch, the old Carver Homes branch and the Thomasville branch.
The Georgia Hill Library was approximately 4,000 square feet and on the first floor of the Georgia Hill Community Building. It was very convenient for students from Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, King Middle School, daycare centers, and Grant Park neighbors to walk to.
The Thomasville Library was located in the Thomasville neighborhood south of McDonough Boulevard. It was called a satellite library, and it did have a space ship look to it. It was somewhat round with 180-degree curved bay windows made of Plexiglas. It was approximately 1,000 square feet. It was across the street from the Thomasville Elementary School, near the Thomasville Recreation Center and convenient for Thomasville residents to walk to.
The Carver Homes Library was torn down around ten years ago and in the meantime their collection was housed in a room at the John Berdine Community Center. The community center was fewer than 1,000 square feet, but still was very useful to the community. The Carver Community will benefit most having the new library in their community.

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