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Zumba, Join the Craze

By Rhea Dawkins
As summer retreats and cooler weather relieves a very hot Georgia, Atlantans are flocking to fitness centers around the city for last minute toning and bikini bods. With so many options for exercise, there’s no need to torture yourself with the same boring routine. Join the newest craze in physical fitness, Zumba!
Most often described as a one hot Latina party, Zumba is for everyone! This high energy, fat-burning, cardio workout targets multiple parts of the physique, with dance moves involving every limb from head to toe. It has come to be known as the hottest new workout, generating large profits across the nation.
Zumba was created by fitness instructor Alberto “Beto” Perez. Beto was forced to improvise when he showed up to his fitness class and realized that he had left his class music at home. Rather than canceling the class, Beto improvised by using a mixture of Salsa and Merengue music that he had in his backpack, while incorporating Latina moves. Little did he know that his students would enjoy the class so much, that they’d prefer it to their typical work out. On this day, Zumba Fitness was born!
Now a full-fledged business, Zumba is worldwide. Deemed as one of the best-selling home-fitness DVDs, Zumba has become a global brand. Zumba launched its own line of apparel, accessories, fitness wear, and music CDs in 2008. Zumba academies have also been established nationwide in order to teach and train aspiring Zumba instructors. Zumba has also made record-breaking strides by being the first fitness program to launch its own video game. What began from humble beginnings is seen as anything but an accident on Beto’s behalf.
Looking to get involved? Dance 411 wants you to join in. “Ditch the workout and join the party!” Now with even more classes per week, Zumba Fitness is more accessible than ever. Zumba instructor Zuri is one hot mama who has managed to stay fit by eating right and finding the fun in exercise through dance. She has experience in teaching Zumba Fitness throughout the city of Atlanta, and has now made Dance 411 her main hub for providing this Latin influenced workout style. Or as she puts it, “Zumba is an exciting new way to work out Latino style! Move your hips and learn the basic steps of Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha and more while burning calories with me, Zuri!”
Check out Zuri at Dance 411 Studios (475 Moreland Avenue SE). Visit for a full schedule of classes or call 404-622-4110. Get up and get moving Atlanta.

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