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What’s Wrong With the East Atlanta Post Office?

By Paul Bolster

It is closed more than it’s open.

A. J. Curry has recently become the new manager of the station and he is trying “to get control of the situation. A big company like this should run more efficiently.” He already knows there are two problems that are effecting the level of service to the community. 

  • Staffing. People have gotten sick and he can’t get replacement clerks hired. There is only one person inside the Perimeter who does all the hiring for all 24 stations. A. J. says “outside the perimeter station managers can do their own hiring and can get staffing issues solved quickly.”

He has a new transfer coming from an office that is closing and hopes that will improve things.

  • Technology. The three clerk stations in the office don’t all work at any given time. Clerks have to bounce from one station to another. Credit Card readers often quit working. He asked for a technology improvement three months ago and no action has come of it.
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