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What is the Milledge Triangle Initiative?

By Sarah Hicks
Learn more about the Grant Park Conservancy’s efforts to improve the park — and how you can add your voice to the process.
Have you visited Grant Park recently? The city’s oldest park is spectacular in the springtime. While you’re there enjoying the trees and fresh air, you may find yourself wanting to know more about this beautiful greenspace. The Grant Park Conservancy (GPC) has the perfect opportunity to do just that. GPC would like to invite you to participate in latest initiative to make the park better by transforming the Milledge Triangle!
The Milledge Triangle is the area of Grant Park immediately behind the Milledge Fountain at the intersection of Milledge Street and Cherokee Avenue. The area has the potential to be the crowning jewel of Grant Park. Unfortunately, the area also struggles from neglect, including drainage and landscaping issues. What we need is a vision.
And that’s where you come in!
Put your imagination to work and let the GPC hear your thoughts for this part of the park.  First, GPC will collect all the great ideas that park visitors and supporters have for this initiative and then they will collaborate with the community to put these ideas into action and create a space that everyone can be proud of!
You can be involved in several ways:
Share your ideas:
Complete a short survey about how you use the park and how you think the Milledge Triangle area should evolve. The link to this survey is or go to the Grant Park Conservancy website and look at the About the Park page
Participate in a discussion about this initiative to be held on Sunday, May 18 during the Grant Park Farmers Market. Sessions will be held in the Milledge Triangle at 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Stay up to date on the issue:

Join the GPC!

  • Please consider joining the Grant Park Conservancy. Your support will contribute directly to the success of the Milledge Triangle initiative and to the overall success of Grant Park. To become a member and learn more, go to (AND FOR SURVEY, membership info on back of this form)

Don’t wait! Learn more about the conservancy and join the next chapter of Grant Park’s history!

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