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Update on Maynard Terrace Roundabout

By Sue King

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is moving forward with plans for the construction of a roundabout at Maynard Terrace and the I-20 eastbound exit ramp (GDOT PI number 0013333) in East Atlanta. The roundabout will include partial dual lanes, pedestrian ramp facilities and lighting at the intersection of Maynard Terrace and McPherson Avenue and the I-20 eastbound exit ramp. The roundabout is designed to keep traffic moving and prevent backups onto I-20 that can result in accidents as well as discourage turnarounds on McPherson and accidents there.

Shannon Dodd, GDOT Senior Project Manager for the roundabout, has provided this update on May 25): The project will receive bids from contractors on June 17, 2022, and a low bidder* should be selected and the project awarded to a contractor by the end of July 2022. Current GDOT cost estimate for the project  is $2,600,927. Once the preconstruction meeting is scheduled and held, the contractor will notify the department when construction will begin. At this point, it looks like that will occur in late summer. 

GDOT studies have determined that the roundabout will reduce vehicle crash frequency and the severity of a crash. Based on a review of the crash data at this intersection, a traffic signal would not address the crash and injury history at this location as effectively as a roundabout. The Crash Modification Factor associated with fatal/injury crashes indicates a signal could provide a 40 percent reduction in fatal/injury crashes while a roundabout provides a 71 percent reduction in fatal/injury crashes. 

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