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Tips for Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

By Lauren Hise

With Earth Day on April 22, it is the perfect time to reflect on all the easy ways to be green and play a meaningful part in helping Mother Earth daily. Some simple ways to recycle include: throw plastic, glass, and aluminum in a recycling bin rather than the trash; quit using one-use paper products or use them more than once; bottle your own water; and avoid buying drinks that come in disposable plastic bottles.
One of the best, and often overlooked, ways to recycle is to rotate used items directly into the hands of another person. By doing this, you avoid the production of another item, the packaging that comes along with it, and the transportation pollution created to get that product to the end user. If there is something you no longer need, give it away, donate it, or just put it out on your curb for the neighbors to pick up. The Nextdoor website ( even gives you a chance to alert neighbors of useable goods in their “Curb Alert” section.
Many people shop online but don’t think of the hazards to the environment or to their local economy. Producing new products, shipping, packaging, and supporting online empires can be a detriment to our environment, not to mention the business that is taken out of local districts. Small businesses survive mostly from local commerce and need community support to be of service. To benefit the earth and your area, it is important to consider shopping small, local, and even used when possible.
There are many resources in southeast Atlanta available to assist in recycling goods from the home or business. Baby Love, ReStore, and Buffalo Exchange are just a few of the local resources available to help you recycle, save money, and be green most effectively. The Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM), at 1110 Hill Street in Grant Park, will help you dispose of things that can be recycled or should not be thrown into landfills. As you spring clean and before you turn to the trash bin, check to see if there’s a way to recycle.
Every step you take toward helping the Earth is meaningful, including setting an example for a throw-away generation. Try switching one thing in your lifestyle at a time so it’s an easy, gradual change. This article found at provides ideas on tons of small changes you can make in honor of Earth Day.
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