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The Porch Press: Where Are We Going? Where Do We Want to Be? Who Are We?

By Penny Luck
Do you find this paper boring, hackneyed and past its prime?  I do. And I want to do something about it and am asking you to help me. I have worked on this paper for lo, maybe 20 years, and do love its mission—which is to get neighborhood news to the three neighborhoods of East Atlanta, Grant Park and Ormewood Park. But, I think those of us on the staff (and we have all probably been on staff much too long), have lost track of the mettle of our neighbors and direction of our neighborhoods. In other words, we are marching to a drummer of ten years ago, missing the new drummer and are stuck in a rut. Get us out!
I am soliciting ideas to freshen the newspaper, new columns, and new types of articles. I would like to know what you, the readers, (those of you who are actually reading the paper) want from your neighborhood paper.
I, for example, would like to do a series of articles on recent neighborhood history, items such as the CSX fight in the early 1980s or the Grant Park Fire Vigilantes of the late 1970s. Anyone interested?  As I live in Grant Park, I need to know some of the historic issues of East Atlanta and Ormewood Park. I need to know who to contact for valid information on these types of issues. Who led the attack and who participated? Anyone interested in helping me compose trivia questions for each issue similar to the ones that East Atlanta resident Marc Takacs includes in his real estate newsletters? Perhaps you would like to volunteer to be a contributor to the paper on an ad hoc basis?  Boy, could we use new writers!
Anyhow, please contact me at and let me know your thoughts—good, bad, or indifferent. Let’s shake things up!

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