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The Pooch Press: More Equal Time for Cats

Photo by Lyn Hillman
Star Kennedy

By Star Kennedy

Hello everyone. My name is Star, and I live in Grant Park with my three brothers and our mom and dad. We have lived here since around five years ago when our dad found the four of us as stray kittens near the Windsor Street off ramp from I-20. We also have two other kitty brothers. We have gotten used to the indoor life and spending our time lounging around the house. I always like to keep up with whatever my mom and dad are doing around the house; I often follow them around and offer my comments on whatever they are up to. I am usually very chilled out, but my dad sometimes refers to me as a “little fireball.” I like to keep my brothers in line when they try to steal my Whiskas Tempations treats, wrestle with me, or otherwise invade my personal space. My favorite thing to do is to run and sneak into my mom’s closet when she opens the door so that I can hide on the shelves. I wish that all dogs and cats could have a loving home, and I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season.

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