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The Flu Poem

By Bob Titus
If you’ve got a cold
And fever too
Then you know
What you must do
Don’t go to work
Don’t go to school
For if you do, you are a fool
Get snuggled up in your bed
And take something strong for your head
The flu makes doctors and others rich
And you can make others really sick
So please don’t give out any hugs
ʼCause we really don’t want to share your bugs
And don’t be like the 30K every year
Who buy the funeral director his next beer
Because the flu can be a nasty thing
As 50 million found out in 1918.
And I don’t want to be a bore
But that number could be easily more…
You know there’s still no cure for H1N1
And to spread that around would be really dumb
So if you have a fever, please don’t roam
Do us all a favor and stay at home.
Copyright R.W. Titus, 2014

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