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Thanks, EACA Topper Volunteers

By Henry Bryant

What would any community be without volunteers to cover the gaps when public funds don’t quite stretch? When the East Atlanta Community Association (EACA) decided to take part in a Neighborhood Planning Unit-W (NPU-W) grant, the allotted money was not enough to print and install the neighborhood topper signs throughout all of East Atlanta Village. Not to be denied the popular community signs, neighbors stepped up with their money, muscle, tools, and ladders. The majority of 160 street corner signs in the Village got neighborhood identifier signs, thanks to these volunteers.

The following neighbors also adopted many corners to provide the printed signs for those corners:

Stephanie Foerst, Stephanie Cherry-Farmer, Stewart Curry, Sam Vaughn, Courtney Bryant, Bill Gould, Nick Tippens, Michael Kovash, Randy Paulk, Nancy Hennessey, Jack Gruendler, Grant Dollar, Jaci Bertrand, Adam Ortega, Vince Smith, Amy Casey, Christina Vaccari, Jared Trotter, Jon Waits, Scott Reinblatt, Hubert Bitner, Amy Dunn, Hanna McGugan, Mia Colson, and  Joseph Winslow.

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