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STRUT Gives $40,000 Back to the Community

By Carlen Ruth Hultgren

The East Atlanta Strut is thrilled to announce it has donated $40,000 to more than 40 worthy causes in the East Atlanta community through its Neighborhood Good Grant program.

Shortly after last year’s event, a call was put out to find groups that needed funding and the response was enthusiastic. Local was the key criteria, with most recipients situated within East Atlanta Village or just outside the footprint, to directly support the community in a meaningful way. With funds going to early childhood organizations, elementary schools, high schools, senior citizen groups, and a historic cemetery, the Strut is supporting East Atlanta residents from cradle to grave.

The grants are focused on small, hyperlocal organizations that don’t have a ready source of financial support or a staff of grant writers. Projects also included beautification efforts for East Atlanta Village, support for the firefighters of Station No. 13, the East Atlanta Library, and The Porch Press.

Mark your calendars for this year’s Strut, which will be Saturday, September 28. Volunteers are always needed so please consider showing up early to work on the day of, or helping with any of the various tasks that are handled well before September, to make the day a marvelous neighborhood event that everyone will enjoy.The small crew of volunteer board members and committee members has already begun planning for this year. And it’s going to be a great one, the best ever! Contact to learn more.

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