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Street Pole Banners Have Arrived

By Carlen R Hultgren

Early on Sunday morning, May 5, a group of dedicated community members, joined EABA (East Atlanta Business Association) in the business district to complete a long awaited project.  On EABA’s agenda since the earliest days of this inception in 2019, the East Atlanta street pole banners have been installed. 

Within the EAV (East Atlanta Village) business footprint, when you look up or down the street, you will now see forty banners adorning the street lamps along Flat Shoals and Glenwood Avenues. The project began early, and like so much, was put on hold during COVID, in 2020. But in the last few months, banner mock ups and graphics were voted on, colors changed back and forth and the result is a collage of banners to welcome everyone into East Atlanta and the business district. 

Using a font developed exclusively for East Atlanta, “Welcome to East Atlanta”, “Raise a Glass in East Atlanta,” “Stay Vibrant in East Atlanta,” “Experience History in East Atlanta,”  and “Small Businesses do Big Things in East Atlanta,” challenge neighbors and guests to enjoy all that East Atlanta Village has to offer.

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