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SMAWG Neighborhood Update

By Brent Huff, SMAWG Co-Chair

The South Moreland Avenue Working Group (SMAWG) held its regular meeting with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) on Wednesday evening. SMAWG announces the following updates.

  • Speed Feedback Signs – The two locations are being finalized and they should be installed as early as December.  One will be for northbound traffic and one for southbound.
  • Speed Feedback Signs – These signs will remind drivers of their speeds and report data to the Atlanta Police Department for increased enforcement.
  • Crosswalks – We had expected one crosswalk across Moreland Avenue (with safety islands and flashing lights) near Berne Street and Pendleton Avenue.
  • Crosswalks – GDOT is now looking at as many as three additional locations for crosswalks. The areas being considered are Sanders Avenue at Metropolitan Avenue (near McDonalds), Portland Avenue, and Isa Drive.
  • Sidewalks – ATLDOT said that they are working to include $2 million for sidewalk improvements along Moreland from TSPLOST funds.  This is still early in the process, so look for additional updates soon.
  • Bike Lanes – Lastly, we learned that United Avenue is scheduled to get a protected bike lane between Moreland Avenue and Ormewood Avenue.
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