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SMAWG Neighborhood Update

By Brent Huff, SMAWG Co-Chair

The South Moreland Avenue Working Group (SMAWG) held its regular meeting this week with GDOT, ATLDOT and APD. Some key takeaways are summarized below.

APD – Zone 6 Commander Major Webster provided an update on APD’s enhanced speeding enforcement on Moreland Avenue. In November, officers conducted 30 vehicle stops and made 16 arrests (four super-speeders and 12 others). Enhanced enforcement has begun again for January.

Medianettes – The six medianettes on Moreland have been in place for more than six months, which is typically how long it takes for drivers to adapt. However, vehicles are still hitting them. GDOT will be implementing additional steps to make them more visible.

Sidewalks – Atlanta DOT announced that Moreland Avenue sidewalks will be part of “Batch One T-SPLOST projects.” They will start by removing the dirt and grass from the existing sidewalks to determine which are most in need of replacing. The $2 million budget will not replace all the sidewalks on Moreland Avenue, but we expect it will replace the worst.

Litter – There has been a dramatic increase in litter in the greenspaces at the I-20/Moreland Avenue interchange. GDOT believes this is largely due to the increase in encampments in those spaces. There are several organizations working to help these individuals find permanent housing. In the meantime, GDOT has placed the interchange on its priority list to ensure the trash is cleaned up every 30 days.

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