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Senior Citizens, “We are SOMEBODY”

Dear Porch Press
My name is Flossie Mae Grier. I’m 78 years old and live in East Atlanta. I wanted to share some of my thoughts with my neighbors. I’m speaking for senior citizens who are on a fixed income.
We are living below the poverty level and hurting real bad. Society doesn’t seem to care. It’s as if we didn’t exist. I’m here to let you know that we do. Most of us are widows and have one income. Some of us pay two property taxes, and most of the time it’s more than our Social Security. We have to worry about our bills, food, and medicine. We have paid our dues to the world and deserve a better quality of life.
There are foundations to support everything, but has anybody ever heard of a foundation to help senior citizens who need a little financial help? If so, we could call them.
Another thing we need is free transportation so that we can go back and forth to doctor appointments and medicine.
And businesses that offer a 10% discount card should make it good at any time. A restaurant should not cut us off at 2 o’clock or 5 o’clock. More businesses should give senior citizens a break.
Cities and counties should form their own foundations for senior citizens to help out.
Just writing to say, “We are SOMEBODY,”
Flossie Mae Grier

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