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SAND Minutes June 13, 2013

Submitted by Jenni Ferguson, Secretary
The June meeting of South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development (SAND) was called to order at 7:32pm by Peter Pankiewicz, Vice President of SAND.
Two new people introduced themselves; a representative from Habitat for Humanity attended the meeting as did City Council Member Carla Smith.
Community Security was the first topic. Captain Shaw provided the number to reach him at the Zone 6 precinct office (404-371-5002). He advised the group that if a street light is out to call Georgia Power at 888-891-0938 if the light is on a wooden utility pole. Call the city’s Department of public works at 404-330-6333 if the light is on a metal pole with no other utilities on it.
Officer John Quigley, who regularly provides security through the Trolley Patrol, also attended the meeting along with Captain Shaw and Council Member Carla Smith strongly advised the group to call 911 if the situation is in fact an emergency otherwise call Zone 6. When tree branches need trimming call Department of Parks at 404-546-6857. A new city information line was discussed to be rolled out in the future. 311 will be the 411 of city government. Deputy Chief Propes feels confident that 311 will lower non-emergency calls to 911, therefore allowing more time for actual emergencies.
Last week many residents were alarmed by low flying helicopters. Turns out it was the National Guard practicing a training operation – this will be addressed so future practices are announced in advanced.
The police officers addressed the serious crime in our area, specifically the murder in East Atlanta. It appears as if it was linked to other crimes and they feel confident that suspect(s) will be arrested in the near future. They also advised that should we ever be in a situation where someone is interested in the belongings on our body, to give them whatever they want. Statistics prove that situations escalate when a victim withholds the belongings. If you feel threatened, one option is to contact Uber (, which is an on-demand private driver service. See anything suspicious – call it in!
A resident expressed concern about homeless individuals spending time at the park located at East Confederate Avenue and Gilbert Street. Council Member Carla Smith said she would address this matter.
Trolley Patrol: Jamie Martin, President of Trolley Patrol, announced that membership had increased to 160 members and reminded the group that dues are $30 monthly and $50 quarterly. He also provided Trolley Patrol stickers for everyone.
Council Member Carla Smith reminded everyone that she could be contacted at her office at 404-330-6039 or at her home at 404-627-8313.
Land Use and Zoning. The Avondale Avenue rezoning was discussed and it was unanimously approved that SAND would support LUZ.
800/860 Glenwood was discussed next. SAND unanimously voted to support the rezoning initiative subject to building height limitations of approximately six floors around the perimeter and nine or ten floors in the interior.
Motion was made to approve the May 2013 minutes.
Due to extremely bad weather, the meeting was adjourned prematurely at 8:15pm. The topics which were not addressed will be addressed at the July meeting.

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