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SAND Meeting Minutes – Thursday, November 12, 2020

SAND held elections for unfilled officer and committee chair slots for 2021, newly elected officers and committee chairs include: Brian Cox – Secretary; Brent Huff – Treasurer; Johann Weber – Transportation chair.

APD Zone 6 provided an update, including: Don’t leave stuff in your car, pistols have been getting stolen. There’s been an uptick heading into the holiday season, lots of reports of guns being taken from car consoles.

South Moreland Avenue Working Group update: Quick background, we formed a working group with other neighborhood groups in the area to engage with GDOT and other entities about the South Moreland Working Group. We had our first meeting post-notification letter. We had good turnout and interest. We discussed traffic calming, speed, street racing, improving pedestrian safety, all issues we have been working on for some time and that everyone is already aware of. Next meeting, GDOT will present what they have found from recent studies on arterials around Atlanta, including South Moreland, and we’ll get an update on all planned GDOT projects on South Moreland.

Working Group on future of Red’s Farm: Neighbors led by Paul Bolster are talking through options with Red such as getting the City of Atlanta to consider it for a park or a private option, working with a land trust to obtain the property, using local donations (there is potential for tax deductions for this) and environmental easement, in addition, funding annual upkeep on the land. Motion to create a SAND subcommittee to consider options for Red’s Farm with the consent and inclusion of Red passed 12-1-0. Anyone interested in serving on the committee, there will be a vote for up to six members of the community to serve, though there will be ample other volunteer opportunities going forward.

Environmental Committee: Steve Carr brought forth a motion to consider having a standing environmental committee for SAND, issues discussed included local watershed concerns. Members discussed what the scope would be and ultimately voted to defer to next month to allow time for scope to be created and presented to the body, 13-0-0.

We voted on the following LUZ applications:

  • V-20-125 / 1154 Gracewood – Application to reduce the west side yard setback from 7’ to 3.36’, the rear yard setback from 15’ to 3.47’, to increase the maximum allowable lot coverage from 50% to 60.1%, and to increase the allowable size of an accessory structure from 30% to 98.8% of the main structure, to allow for a second story addition to an existing detached garage.  Voted to approve
  • SD-20-013 / 1080 Emerson Avenue – subdivision for review and comment only
  • 525 Moreland update from Andy Schneggenburger and Jesse Clark
  • Provided updated conceptual drawings. 
  • Changed style of corner building to be more historic looking, to fit in with the surrounding buildings, that’s the goal
  • In existing site plan, building connected, split for the affordable housing component
  • Pursuing some sort of market to go into the Lodge building. Might have to build out in phases in order to get pre leased and get financing. Looking at using the corner building at Glenwood and Moreland for medical offices as there is need and demand for that type of space.
  • So far, cleanup has occurred of the property and they plan to have a community open house later this year.
  • Z-20-49/ 993-1007 Boulevard – Application to rezone (4) parcels on Boulevard from R-5 to MR-3, to allow for the development of 14 townhomes (Grant Park and LUZ voted to approve with conditions), this was for discussion purposes only.

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