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SAND Meeting Minutes – Thursday, March 14, 2024 

Opening remarks – The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm and a review of procedures and voting rights was made.

City/State/School/Other Elected Officials – 5 minutes per presenter.

Patrick Husbands with Lilliana Bahktiari’s office: Addressing homeless encampment @ I-20 and Glenwood Park. Patrick addressed several comments from participants. 

Lt. Robert Godwin with APD gave an update on the primary crime(s) of vehicles. Enforcement of improper conditions at Long John Silvers is underway. 

Fulton County Commissioner Hall joined @ 8:00pm for an update. Behavioral Health Center will be opening this year. Several youth programs were highlighted. Free Food Giveaways occur every week on Wednesdays. Community concerns regarding communications around commercial assessments were raised again.

Announcements – 5 minutes per item.

Beautification – Custer Avenue Clean Up! – Ben Braxley reviewed the Custer Avenue Clean Up scheduled for April 6 @ 9:30am.

Beautification/Treasurer: Progress update and Financial Agreement with Urban Farm Ormewood (UFO) Ongoing meetings with the Harrison family, The Conservation Fund and the City of Atlanta are ongoing. We were asked to identify individuals for UFO board members going forward, so we can finalize the community’s vision for the park. A motion was made for SAND to be the fiscal sponsor for UFO for up to 12 months. The motion was approved without exception.

Transportation: Parkside Bike to School Day lane closures – A motion was made to send a letter of support for temporary parking restrictions. The motion was approved without exception. 1-20/ Bill Kennedy Exit Ramp update –  A meeting was held to further address safety concerns at this intersection. A follow up meeting is scheduled for April 6. SMAWG update Brent Huff provided an update on SMAWG activity. SMAWG has been approved for $500,000 in Congressionally Directed Spending. This should allow for scoping of various projects for future federal allocations. APD and GSP remain focused on speed enforcement on Moreland Ave. The speed limit on Moreland Ave is 35 MPH. Crosswalks implementation continues to move forward, with a 2025 completion date.

Insurance update: Need to update the attendance limit of events due to our festival success! A motion was made to increase our insurance coverage to 999 people at any one time at an incremental cost of $100 per year. The motion was approved without exception.

Land Use and Zoning: Request from Steve Carr to provide feedback on land use of his property near Boulevard and Englewood. Steve Carr spoke about the property and potential uses. Moreland Drive project coming – focus group volunteers needed. An input meeting is being scheduled by the end of March. Paul Bolster provided updates on several opportunities to meet candidates for various elected positions in the current election cycle.

Matters for Voting

24-O-1050 (Z-24-12) Citywide ordinance on signage and cameras at gas stations – ordinance to allow gas station owners to enhance signage and utilize signage for mounting cameras. NPU-LUZ issued motion to support with a request to specify if hidden camaras are allowed and fill in the blank space for video storage time. EDIT: It has come to the attention of some LUZ attendees that the ordinance review performed at the meeting did not identify some portions which appear to limit the provisions of the current sign ordinance and allow advertisement sales in addition to allowing the use of signage to carry the cameras. The motion from committee was voted down without exception. A substitute motion to not support the legislation and send a letter to Andrea Boone detailing the reasons was approved without exception.

V-24-026 – 1686 Woodland Avenue – Applicant Gail Mooney for Krystal Harris & Orlando Sablon III – Applicant seeks a variance to remove reduce the minimum distance of a front facing garage from the front façade from 10 linear feet to 0 feet. Deferred at LUZ meeting. The applicant deferred the application.

Makers Fest application – Christian Mendonça presented the application for the Ormewood Park Makers Festival. The approval recommendations from NPU-W were approved without exception.

Halidom alcohol license – The recommendation from NPU-W committee was approved without exception.

Approval of minutes from February meeting. The meeting notes were approved without exception.

Conclusions and closing remarks – 2 minutes. The meeting was adjourned @ 9:48pm.

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