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SAND Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2016

SAND Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2016
Call to Order at 7:32pm
Zone 6 report: Sargent Smith of the 607
Reminded us once again to please not leave anything visible in our cars.
City/State/School/Other Elected Officials
Marvin S. Arrington, JR – Commissioner, District 5 – Cell (404) 441-8475
Came to discuss 4 areas of concern:  Arts Library Courts/Jails Health Services – Please look for 3 upcoming town hall meetings
Dick Anderson – New Hire
Josh Noblitt came to introduce himself Running for open seat – Georgia House District 59 –
Janine Brown came to introduce herself and announce that she is running for the open seat – Georgia House District 59.  For more information visit
1106 Sanders Avenue – Robert Fournier change from an R4 to an R4A; vote was 25 yea, 1 nay, 9 abstention
Land Use and Zoning – No Updates
Public Safety: Greg Giuffrida

  • Traffic Study with GDOT on Memorial – remove reversible lanes

Education Melissa Hugh-Girdhari

  • Go Team (local school governance) – call for volunteers from local community to participate in school governance such as budgeting, decisions on how school s are run, etc.; sign up at

Dunbar needs a Go Team
Transportation Bob Titus

  • Spoke about the Moreland/Glenwood bike lane
  • NPW Meetings 4th Wednesday in the same room that we meet

Treasures Report

  • Elected new Treasurer Bob Freeman

Beautification Update: Dan Murphy

  • Maynard Jackson High School Students to Paint Murals
  • Moreland Properties LLC/Cartel Properties

New Business:

  • Kirkwood Splash Pad – Coan SPLASH
    • Connected Communites/Family Fun Boundless Opportunities
    • Located between the tennis courts and the boundless playground
    • Implementation late 2017 up and running by pool season 2018
    • More info contact at
  • Ormewood Presbyterian Update
    • Nina Gentry
  • ABI – Atlanta BeltLine Link
  • 842 Berne Street
    • Steve Rothman – Land Use Attorney


  • cars/traffic on Berne
  • trash going out on Berne and adjacent to residential
  • traffic
  • parking
  • rental vs ownership
  • density
  • number of units
  • speed of traffic
  • traffic entering and exiting onto Berne
  • car-centric
  • affordability (ability to save money by living car free)
  • open parking deck heat island
  • too much parking
  • rendering not matching site plan
  • saving trees
  • road proximity to school field
  • school pedestrian safety
  • limited transit access
  • school capacity to handle additional students


  • public access to and from BeltLine through property
  • roof top garden or solar
  • neighborhood membership to pool
  • public amenities
  • privacy for pool
  • connection of Berne to BL
  • transit access
  • affordability 20%
  • special streetscaping, public
  • traffic calming
  • minimum level of parking
  • indoor bicycle parking
  • mixed use (mixed support)
  • traffic study and impact prior to development
  • Uber parking/pickup
  • electrical charging
  • zip-car
  • Leed certification
  • protect school field from impact
  • no view of parking deck
  • park and ride


  • more housing options
  • more density that supports BL
  • street grid connectivity
  • access to the BL
  • making use of unused land
  • increased property value

Motion to approve February minutes: passed unanimously

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