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SAND Meeting Minutes – July 12, 2018

SAND Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2018
Call to order/welcome new residents and guests
Introduce SAND Governing Board
Announcements (5 minutes)
Seeking the following positions to be filled: Communication Chair, Woodland Hills Neighborhood Rep
Join as a SAND business member for $50/year!
Election of Melissa Wakamo and Steve Carpenter, Beautification Co-Chairs – Vote was unanimous in favor.
2019 board election call for candidates – If anyone is interested in running for election or reelection as an officer, committee chair, or neighborhood representative please contact or any current officer.
Beer/wine at full body meetings – We can get a good discount on wine for meetings from local wine shop 3 Parks, could be used as an effort to bring in additional attendance. Motion was made and passed unanimously to purchase and provide wine at SAND general body meetings through the end of 2018.
Special guests
MARTA – More MARTA (10 minutes) – The current list of More MARTA projects is at this point only a proposal. They can change based off the feedback MARTA receives, particularly the survey. Everyone should fill out the More MARTA survey. If they want a project that is not on the current proposal, for example, BeltLine Rail on the Southside BeltLine, they should specifically mention that as part of the survey:
Carla Smith and Leslie Grant – Provided an update on property taxes, particularly the City and APS millage rate. Currently, APS is planning to roll back the millage rate one mill in response to the increase in assessments. There’s a calculator provided by APS (in Excel) for folks to calculate the APS portion of their property taxes based on different scenarios, it can be found on the SAND website, Carla stressed that everyone file the homestead exemption and any other exemption for which they qualify. If you come across anyone filing a homestead exemption on a rental, let Fulton County know so that all property owners will pay their fair share, it’ll reduce the burden on everyone else. APS is not planning to roll back the millage rate more than one mill due to uncertainty of the tax digest with all the appeals that have been filed. There will also be a homestead exemption on the ballot in November that voters can decide on. The City of Atlanta has not finalized the millage rate but it will be close to revenue neutral. Carla expects a millage rate of under 8 mill, but it depends on the tax digest.
Zone 6 (5 minutes): Lt. Crowder – If anyone has any questions or concerns contact at
Treasurer (5 minutes): Amazon Smile / Kroger Rewards; Trolleys available for $40 unpainted, $50 painted. Very little changes in the state of SAND’s finances. Recent expenses include supplies for the June Trolley Painting Social
Social (5 minutes): Community Yard Sale | September 20 | Signups will be available soon; SAND will have a map with everyone participating. Questions? Email Vanessa at
Public Safety (5 minutes): Trolley Patrol – Current membership is around 200. TP is looking at installing QR codes on member signs so that officers can scan in and members can know how often their properties/parts of SAND are being patrolled.
Approval of June 2018 meeting minutes – Approved unanimously.

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