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SAND Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2024 

Opening remarks – Introduction to our Hybrid meeting experiment! The meeting was called to order @ 7:30pm. A brief introduction as to how the hybrid meeting would work was provided.

City/State/School/Other Elected Officials – 5 minutes per

Patrick Husbands with Liliana Bahktiari office updated the group on what committees she will be serving on in 2024 – CDHS, Finance, Zone and Chair of Committee on Council. Complaints regarding ATL311 in general and specific to Watershed Management were expressed.

Harmonie with Commissioner Hall’s office provided updates on meeting schedules especially as it relates to the new budget.  Fulton County Arts and Culture Grant is open for applications.  A question was asked on the status of the letter sent to Commissioner Hall regarding property appraisals. Harmonie agreed to send copies of correspondence to SAND members.

Announcements – 3 minutes per

Transportation: SMAWG meeting Wednesday 1/7 updates and Moreland Avenue sidewalk updates.  APD ZONE 6 and GSP made 30 stops, 16 arrests, 4 super speeders and 12 for “other” offenses.  The new medianettes are under review for enhanced safety features.  TSPLOST has awarded ~$2 million for sidewalk improvements.  Encampments and litter concerns are being addressed at Moreland/I-20.

NPU grant: Update on 2023 Community Impact Grant (CIG) status.  Deadline for closing out the grant has passed, and an extension is under review by the City of Atlanta.

Makers Fest: Planning for 2024 has begun! Reach out to to volunteer. The next festival will be held May 18.

Land Use and Zoning: Appeals filed for 740 Moreland Avenue to operate a tire and auto repair station on premises. Note this is only submitted for review and comment.  An update was provided but no action was taken.  Any suggestions or comments on the appeal should be provided to

Land Use and Zoning: Request for support for Lot of Record for 672 Hamilton Avenue. A comprehensive update was provided by Nina Gentry and Jason Schwartz. A motion was made to send a letter of support for restoration of a historic lot of record for the property. The motion was approved without objection.

Land Use and Zoning: Notice of ordinance review for 23-O-1520 (Z-23-87) regarding a revision to require a Special Use Permit (SUP) for houses constructed with less than 750 SF – To be voted on in February cycle  Notice was provided for the proposed ordinance.

General: Support for a revised letter regarding the property tax assessments. A brief discussion of the current differences between residential and commercial tax assessment methodologies in Fulton County occurred. The proposed letter to the Fulton County Board of Assessors was reviewed and approved without objection.

Matters for Voting: None this month! Happy Holidays! 

Approval of minutes from November [agenda correction: December] meeting. The meeting notes from the December 2023 meeting were reviewed and approved without objection.

Conclusions and closing remarks – 2 minutes: Discussion of hybrid meeting success/issue to address? Several comments and suggestions were provided. Discussion of social activity ideas. A suggestion was made to hold quarterly in person meetings.

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