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SAND Meeting Minutes – December 10, 2015

By Stephen Norman, secretary
LUZ Z-15-393: Motion to deny 2-story deck: passed with vote of 14-0

  • Sub motion – to approve amended proposal of 1 story deck with 7′ reduced setback provided evergreen screening along rear property line and 10-15′ each side of the yard from the back: passed with vote of 7-5

Motion to approve P and VP slate:
Motion to elect Kris Raper Porch Press SAND representative: passed unanimously
Motion to approve November meeting minutes: passed unanimously
Zone 6 report – Officer Carter: Break ins are down in the zone 33%; Fisher Road apartments are about 10% occupied, so not a lot of crime there; Concerns from membership about speeding traffic on Moreland and cut through traffic on E Confederate and Ormewood; Concerns with people stealing bridge parts along Custer
Land Use and Zoning
Z 15 393 – 931 Emerson Avenue (new construction): Nina Gentry on behalf of the applicant

  • Variance reduce the required rear yard setback from 15′ to 6′ to attach a deck
  • NPU zoning committee voted to deny based on it being a 2-story deck; has since been amended to a 1-story deck
  • Comments from immediate neighbors
  • Motion to deny 2-story deck: 14-0
  • Sub motion – 1-story deck with 7′ reduced setback provided evergreen screening along rear property line and 10-15′ each side of the yard from the back 7-5
  • Nina: If we don′t have the revised plan from the surveyor by the NPU meeting will talk to the builder to do all she can to postpone

2016 SAND Officer Elections
President – Melissa Hugh-Girdhari; VP – Sarah Culligan; Treasurer – open; Secretary – open
Motion to approve P and VP slate
Porch Press SAND representative – motion to elect Kris Raper: unanimous
Schools Melissa Hugh-Girdhari

  • Maynard Jackson Christmas tree sale – successful and sold out!
  • Barnes and noble fundraiser this weekend (December 12); give code online or at store to help some of the purchase to go to the school

MHJS is the cluster name for the schools that feed into it; Entire cluster is going International Baccalaureate

  • New system of governance coming to schools: state said schools had to pick a model; aps chose charter school model – which switches from local school council with no control, to a governance board which controls money and funding without the principal being able to vote
  • Every school will have a governance team with community members elected, parents, teachers (students for high school boards); And then there will be one for the entire cluster; In charge of Budgets, how the schools are run, etc.; Allows for a lot of flexibility in the schools and clusters

Graffiti Team: Dan Murphy taking over
Treasurer′s report – Grace Kim

  • Remember Amazon smile and Kroger community rewards
  • Memberships run for a calendar year and start over in January; Can still vote with 3 meetings in a 12-month period

Turner field community benefits coalition
LCI announced/kicked off tonight; the first LCI visioning session is December 30 at the Fanplex (check the SAND site for details)
Memorial drive corridor executive – Greg Giuffrida
Working on scoping a new GDOT traffic study on the entire corridor, hopefully by summer 2016; Web site and email distribution list coming soon
BeltLine – Brandon Tidwell, Chair of NPU W BeltLine sub-committee
SE BeltLine committee

  • Design Review Committee is part of the beltline allows for getting clarification on plans submitted to the city (which wasn′t the case during the 800 Glenwood development)\

Edson Patrice – newly appointed as pastor at the Atlanta Metro Seventh Day Adventist church
Motion to approve November meeting minutes: passed unanimously

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