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SAND Meeting – April 14, 2016

SAND Meeting
April 14, 2016
Call to Order at 7:34pm
Zone 6 report – Sargent Colson:
Has been in our zone for 15 months and with the department for nine years
Slight decrease in crime over the past year and have made some significant arrests
Will present in May what is being done to combat ATV and dirt bike traffic
City/State/School/Other Elected Officials:
Democrat David Dreyer introduced himself to SAND; he has lived in Grant Park for 12 years and is running for State House; the Election is May 24
Carla Smith reminded us that Streets Alive was Sunday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Saturday the 23 was Hazardous Waste collection at the CHaRM Center (corner of Hill Sstreet and Englewood Avenue)
Land Use and Zoning:
Z-16-007 & Z-16-008 Motion to defer as no one showed up to discuss
Public Safety: No updates
Education – Melissa Hugh-Girdhari: Go Team (local school governance); call for volunteers from local community to participate in school governance such as budgeting, decisions on how school s are run, etc.; sign up at; Dunbar needs a Go Team
Transportation – Bob Titus: No updates
Treasures Report – No updates
Beautification Update – Dan Murphy: No updates
New Business:
842 Berne Street, Steve Rothman – Land use attorney
220 Apts – Changes have been discussed with Grant Park and SAND; Steve Carr recused himself due to location and financial gain; vote – Yea: 13, Nay: 4, Abstains: 6 (including Steve Carr)
Motion to approve March notes passed unanimously
Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:55pm.

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