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SAND May 2014 Meeting Notes

7:30 PM Ana called the meeting to order.

Introduction of new residents – Kathleen Hester, Ross & Allison Cunningham, Sarah Boles, Wayne Pope, Betsy Harvey (returning)

Land Use & Zoning

V-14-060 – 840 McDonough Blvd – Variance request, recommendation to defer or deny – PASSED

V-14-071 – 1165 Edie Ave – Side addition – PASSED

V-14-088 – 1341 Moreland Ave – Special exception – PASSED

APD Zone 6 Update

Zone 6 crime down 24%.

Ways to improve communication with APD: crime stoppers, contact precinct, send info to safety patrols and NPU.

Call 911 – all calls recorded. A report does not need to be requested when calling 911 to report gunfire incidents.

Public Safety/Trestletree

Stacey Martin volunteered to be public safety chair. Email  HYPERLINK “” if to join the public safety committee.

District 1 Councilperson Carla Smith meets with Trestletree management, police and homeowners in District 1; email Carla if you would like to attend. Carla’s phone number – 404-627-8313.

Review of CourtWatch process. Lara Reedick working with Carla on a mini-CourtWatch training.

Good Neighbor Agreement with Trestletree mentioned at NPU’s public safety committee meeting last month; may be presented at June SAND meeting.

Announcements Graffiti clean up day – date TBD; contact  HYPERLINK “” if interested.

Elected Officials

Nan Orrock – Early voting available through Saturday for primaries.

Leslie Grant

APS District 1 Town Hall – 6:30 PM, Tuesday, May 13th at Maynard Jackson High School.

King Middle School to be renovated; farm planned for roof of Maynard Jackson High School.

Z-14-17 – 525 Moreland (Corner of Glenwood Ave and Moreland Ave)

Seeking community input on plans; requesting rezoning to C1 MRC2 from current R4.

14,550sq.ft. store with drive thru (unnamed pharmacy), other small retail, with residential above, pedestrian friendly, urban design.

Development will include realignment of Glenwood Ave and Moreland Ave intersection.

Wesley International Academy Update

Long-term lease secured to 2018 for Memorial Avenue location.

China Night – 5:30 PM Friday at Maynard Jackson High School.

800 Glenwood Avenue Update

PDMU rezoning legislation passed by City Council and signed by mayor.

Elements include 9 story office building, 2-3 story senior housing (both in later phases), 5 story residential with retail on ground level, pedestrian crossings.

Minutes – Motion to approve May minutes – PASSED

Meeting adjourned 9:15 PM

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