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SAND June 2014 Meeting Notes

7:32 PM Ana called the meeting to order
Introduction of new residents – Sandra Branch, Albert Dotson, Kerri Firth, Josh Bolton, Jay Rogers, Mark & Rachel Peterson
Elected Officials – Sheryl Bennett – City Council voting on budget on Monday; no millage rate increase

  • V-14-0-60 – 840 McDonough Blvd – Hakim Hilliard – Variance
    • Discussion: Concerns regarding dangers to pedestrian, lighting, hours
    • Vote: 6-3
  • V-14-086 – 911 Delmar Avenue SE – Amelia Carter – Variance
    • Discussion: Concerns regarding directing water away from home have been addressed with no known complaints from neighbor
    • Vote: 8-0
  • Z-14-022 – 946 Delaware Ave SE – Rezoning for the purpose of later subdivision
    • Discussion: Concern regarding future planning (as no site usage is described, other than zoning) that may increase density
    • Motion made to defer to later tonight for developer to continue discussion with concerned neighbors; passed unanimously
    • Vote: Approved to defer decision until next meeting

Zone 6 Public Safety Update – Major Peek Zone 6 Commander

  • Burglaries in 7-10 days (Beat 607 – East of Grant Park, South to McDonough Blvd, North to Glenwood Park) – investigating arrests and releases
  • Possible to get statistics for Beat 607; – can look up crime and locations for zone and percentage statistics; can be used to look up past crime stats; updated up to the previous week; Beat 606 Is North Ormewood Park
  • Arrest has been made for recent burglaries
  • Resident asked if statistics will be captured for ‘shots fired’ – Maj. Peek discussed pros and cons – i.e. costs associated with capturing that stat; met with District 1 Councilperson Carla Smith to consider recording; Maj. Peek’s preference is to have residents to call 911 re: shots fired to triangulate location and best use of officer time
  • Discussion regarding call time – one resident in sparsely populated area commented on 45 min response wait; another resident has experienced 5 min response time; Maj. Peek reports statistical drop in response time in zone 6 versus longer response times trending in other zones
  • Discussion of use of social media such as twitter to report crime; Maj. Peek expressed desire for residents to prioritize use of 911 as means to communicate crimes in progress rather than social media
  • Resident asked Maj. Peek of police use and updates to Trolley Patrol Email and Court Watch

NC2 Zoning Background: Smart Growth for EAV – Andy Schneggenburger, EACA LUZ Chair, contact:

  • History of Neighborhood Commercial (NC2) zoning designation summary (approved in 2001) – mixed use versus previous separate zoning approach, transitions between residential and commercial areas, incorporates auto and pedestrian and alternative transportation; use restrictions, size of commercial areas
  • Livable Centers Initiative/Master Plan & Recommendations (2008) – incorporated community priorities as stated, including multimodal transportation, pedestrian-friendly private development controls and enhancements
  • Real estate development and Market Context – 1996 movement toward urban growth and away from suburban sprawl; 2001 –NC2 approved; 2006 recession; 2010 recession officially ‘over’; in EAV many developers have purchased commercial properties
  • Market demand for ‘Walkable Urban Places’ – market value (income potential) of urban homes has increased; market preference for walkable neighborhood, smaller house, shorter commute
  • Examples: Kirkwood Station (Hosea Williams Dr); Enso on Bill Kennedy Way; Oakland Park on Memorial Dr.
  • Concern is that rezoning allowances to new developments away from NC2 will set a legal precedent which would reduce EACA legal standing to preserve NC2

LRB – 925 Garrett St. – Tierra Mexicana (June 25 – NPU) – Alcohol license application – motion passed unanimously
City/State/School/Other Elected Officials – Andre Dickens, Council Member, Rep Post 3 at-large – contact: email:, 404-330-6041; represented by Ali Carter, Dir. of Constituent Services – contact: email, 404-548-6480,
LUZ – Z-14-17 – 1131, 1137 Glenwood Ave SE and 515, 525, 531, 527 Moreland Ave SE and 1146, 1152 Portland Ave SE

  • JP Guzzardo addressed previously stated resident concerns:
  • Traffic lighting concerns – turn arrow? Developers have no control over turn lane/signal – GDOT decision
  • Trees on North-Westside of property preserved? Yes with elevated fence
  • Food Trucks promote usage – yes some of the time
  • Scale concerns? Building footprint has been minimized
  • Bike paths at Glenwood access point? Heavy striping to yield to pedestrians and cyclists
  • Portland exit, too much vehicular traffic into the neighborhood – vehicular access limited with an enhanced Porkchop (raised curb) directing south exiting traffic east (left turn only) unto Portland and out to Moreland Ave.
  • Deed restriction on property, which will eliminate the drive-thru if the biz no longer operates as a pharmacy
    • How is MRC2 different from NC2? Zoning process requires 1) land use change of 4 lots; 2) site development plan; 3) needs neighbor approval (EACA & SAND); drive thru not allowed in NC2
    • Overall size of pharmacy is larger than NC2 10,000SF, 14,555(box)SF
    • Land use change to be approved
    • Rezoning application to be approved
    • Vote 1: 7 to approve to 7 against
    • Vote2: 9 approve to 8 opposed; motion passed
  • Motion 2) Zoning: To approve a change of R-2 ->MRC-2 and NC-2 -> MRC-2
    • Vote: 6 to approve, 8 against; motion failed
  • Discussion:
  • Presenter’s request:
  • Motion 1) Land use: To approve a change of Single-family residential -> Light Density Commercial 2;

Public Safety

  • Safety Chair vote – Stacey Martin (Boulevard Heights resident) – unanimous approval
  • Trestle Tree Village – update to be voted next month
  • Ron described the purpose of Good Neighbor Agreement b/t SAND , GPNA and Community Housing Concepts
  • Highlights: Councilwoman Carla Smith meets with residents; Last week’s meeting
  • Rep from Gang Unit working with Federal ATF unit; Atlanta Blood Gang has connection with Boulevard gangs, Gang unit prefers to deal with adults, not juveniles
  • Currently, there are 9 evictions in progress, some of which are associated with 6 arrests
  • Limitations of Private vs. APD security – private sec can enforce no trespassing, but APD cannot; private security is being sought to address needs
  • Gates (End of July), cameras up & will be connected; more security is requested for July 4

Transportation – Bob Titus – 2015 Proposed Infrastructure Bond – upcoming meeting dates; contact person is Rodney Givens

  • Beltline Meeting June 17 6:30 City Hall – Transit meeting for community input of routes and service alternatives
  • Z-14-17 – correction to May meeting minutes: 14,500 square foot not 450 sq. ft.; minutes approved
  • Brenda Muhammad and Marvin Arrington, new candidates for Fulton Co. District 5 seat, July 22 election

Meeting adjourned at 10:20pm

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