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SAND Full Body Meeting – Thursday, January 14, 2021

Announcements: Voting rights (three meetings, or $10). Vacant officer positions and chairs: Public Safety and Woodland Hills Rep. Discussion of need for NPU-W Beltline Rep (this position is currently vacant).

Zone 6: Lt Josh Holt – works investigations. Brand new to our meetings so he’ll be better prepared next month. City does anticipate protests this weekend at the Capitol. SAND member requested info on car thefts – method of entry and items stolen – new system in place by APD to track this level of detail and Lt Holt will bring it next month. SAND member requested contact details –

Special Guest(s)

Atlanta Beltline (Lynette Reid): Strive Atlanta partnership for job training – Subarea 3 Master Plan – goal is to get the new plan adopted for informational purposes: Update demo, plans, LUZ, affordability, and historic preservation (last plan is 10 years old). Height conditions are in place in medium density areas. Red’s Farm has been brought up as a community asset. Pedestrian/bike path planned in BOHO. NPU for vote in February. CDP Public Hearing March 22.

Transportation: South Moreland Avenue Working Group – no updates at this time. South Boulevard Complete Street Engagement Meeting – January 21.

Beautification: Red’s Farm – Mark Silver added to working group. Having another meeting in two weeks. Exploring long-term visions, goals, and options to keep it a green space regardless and will definitely need/request community support. 2021 NPU Community Impact Grant – Options: 1. Digital Community Inventory (geocoding buildings, parking, ADA accessibility, public amenities, etc.); 2. Shared bike lanes; 3. Community study; 4. Handwashing study; 5. Dog park. Trees Atlanta – Planting at Trestletree North. Adding Custer Avenue and Intrenchment Creek.

Communications: Like SAND on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Submit any ideas for the newsletter to us.

Treasurer: Amazon Smile / Kroger Rewards. Trolley’s available for $40 unpainted / $50 painted.

Education: No updates at this time.

Social: No updates at this time.

Public Safety: One ATL, One APD Public Safety Plan. COVID-19 available for Group 1A+ in Fulton County. Text VAX (all caps) to (678) 679-0250, will ask your county, then your phase – will text when appointments become available.

Land Use and Zoning (LU&Z): V-20-170/1156 Vickers Street – Pool; approved by LUZ; no opposition by SAND, approved unanimously. 1078 Moreland rezoning – Currently R4; requesting 160 units (~ double current zoned allowance); water runoff – must approve through watershed that no more water will leave site than currently does; follow-up information requested by SAND member on affordability of units.

Approval of December 2020 meeting minutes: Approved.

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