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SAND Full Body Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2019

Call to order – 7:34pm

Announcements – Voting rights (3 meetings, or $10). Seeking the following positions to be filled: Woodland Hills Neighborhood Representative. Cole Smith is moving to Grant Park, so we will need a new treasurer. Join as a SAND business member for $50/year!

Zone 6 – Captain Clay: Zone 6 reduced the most crime across all zones. Lieutenant Marilyn B (evening watch commander): Email address to pass info on: Nothing significant occurred during Super Bowl inside Zone 6. Questions: Are we at risk of losing resources to Zone 2? A: No. Everyone is assigned to own zone. Specialized forces that are not dedicated to one area get assigned to Zone 2, when needed. Judges are releasing suspects who are arrested as soon as they come in. It’s a revolving door. Do you know of any website or any group that may be following judges in such a manner? A: Court Watch? We are keeping track of what happens with suspects ourselves.

City/State/School/Other Elected Officials – Mitsah Henry from Commissioner Arrington District 5: The Black History Film Festival at Wolf Creek Library hosted by actor Lamond Rucker . 2/23 Film Screenings, 12-5PM, at Metropolitan and Wolf Creek Library. Free to public. Family Fun Day May 4 10:00am-2:00pm. Q: Can you please express there is a need in Fulton County on how the judges operate? A: OK.


South Moreland LCI – Greg G: Working with Nathan and Leah to get some of the projects on the LCI moving. We are submitting an application for a grant with ARC to get money to get some of the projects moving. Grant is due at end of March 2019. LCI plan is on the website under the transportation, along with the 5-year update. Working with GDOT to make Moreland safer, also trying to get GDOT and COA in the same room. Nathan: Vote for letter of support. Q: What is covered? A: Goes down to McDonough.

City Placemaking Grant – Leah: Attended meeting on Tuesday and thinks that our idea would be successful. They have 3 different tiers for the grant, so we can apply for 3 different ideas within this grant. $100k across all projects, but no word on how would it be allocated. Nathan: it straddles SAND & GPNA, along w/ District 1 & District 5 so we will reach out to GPNA for letter of support. Leah: It’s also advantageous that there are so many businesses and the MJHS. Intrenchment Creek Trail update –     Nathan: Working on getting the trail to connect to the Beltline, through BH, BP, MC-G, to South River Trail. PATH will already extend South River Trail to almost Moreland. This idea would allow us to connect many different neighborhoods. PATH is in the process of fundraising, and they will do $10k. Request to use $2k of SAND funds for this project. Motion to approve, seconded, and approved.

Beltline – Greg G: Middle of March/April to finish construction on the plaza at Memorial and BKW. Later this summer, Madison Yards will work on the trail all the way down to I-20. 14 feet shared pedestrian/biking trail with 5-foot buffer.

Communication – Like SAND on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Submit any ideas for the newsletter to us.

Treasurer – Amazon Smile / Kroger Rewards: You can link these two to SAND, and a portion of proceeds goes back to SAND. Trolleys available for $40 unpainted, $50 painted. 2019 SAND Budget Review: Trying to do a revenue neutral budget is the goal for 2019. Approved.     ● Duties of Treasurer: Managing bank account, producing monthly statement, work on annual budget.

Education/Schools – Deadlines for charter school applications are at the end of this month.

Social – Interested in hosting a social hour for SAND at your home? Let us know! Looking into an “elected official night” to have our officials meet their constituents. Ormewood Park Church – Chalk and Chomp Event Friday, May 3.

Public Safety Trolley Patrol: Looking into rolling mobotour or code patrol tracker. Also looking into postcard or pamphlet to provide to realtors for prospective buyers or new homeowners. Crystal Porter: Discuss how government agencies can be excluded from having the ability to affix notices to mailboxes or use doorknockers (public safety issue to prevent casing of houses). Could there be an ordinance or a rule/regulation? Perhaps we talk to Carla about what can be done on the city level or bring it up to NPU Public Safety. Liquor License for 1328 Boulevard (Red’s Beer Garden). Taylor Harper rep/lawyer: Reached out to two residences, and they’re supportive. Reached out to church, and no feedback so far (contacted 6-7 times). Letter stated if they don’t get back to 2/11, we will consider it. Approved. Letters were mostly in English; the last letter was in Spanish. Kristen Sumpter is the owner. Will sell beer, wine, cider, gluten free, and non-alcoholic options. Snacks that can have inside or outside; pre-packaged snacks; no food preparation space. Would be like a brewery, so food trucks/food pop ups would be a possibility. People can also take home 4 or 6 pack; will also have a package store component. Parking, only 10 spaces currently. Putting in an exemption next week to create a parking agreement with the car wash.

Land Use and Zoning (LU&Z) – V-19-015 1356 Ormewood Ave SE – Applicant seeks to variance to reduce the required west side yard setback from 7ft to 5ft to construct a second story | LUZ motion to approve unanimously. Struck as it’s in EAV. Z-19-002 1131/1137 Glenwood Ave SE, 1146/1153 Portland Ave SE (aka 525 Moreland Ave SE) – Applicant seeks to rezone from R-4 to MRC-1-C | LUZ voted to approve 8-0-2 with conditions. Pass unanimously. Z-18-144 788 & 798 McDonough Blvd SE – Applicant seeks to rezone from R-4 to C-1| LUZ motion to approve unanimously with conditions. Conditions: Subject property only used for office and residence use. Sll existing buildings and pavings will be grandfathered. All structures will have to meet 35 feet requirement. Any new structures will meet the transitional height plane. Vote: Motion to approve unanimously.

Approval of January 2019 Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Call to close at 8:56pm

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