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Rep. Tanya Miller Discusses Her 2024 Legislative Goals

By Paul Bolster

In her first term representing Georgia House District 62, a district from Grant Park to East Point, Tanya Miller is getting her feet on the ground. Rep. Miller is a lawyer living in Grant Park with experience as a prosecutor and a civil rights attorney.

If you go to her website,, you will find her priorities are: Public Safety and Criminal Justice, Affordable Healthcare, Public Education, and Voting Rights.

As you might expect, she is a co-author of all the House-introduced gun safety bills. Miller is the primary author of a bill requiring all police officers to wear a body camera. Cameras will provide greater transparency and “protect both the officer and the public,” she stated. Miller believes the technology behind the cameras can make officer management more efficient and more effective. “It is a core responsibility of government to keep people safe,” she insisted.

Miller feels the efforts of Republicans to address the inadequate healthcare available to Georgians has been piecemeal. Miller pointed to a shortage of doctors and hospitals in many parts of the state, especially providers of women’s healthcare. “The state needs a comprehensive program to improve the availability of healthcare to all Georgians.” Democratic proposals to expand Medicaid have found some Republican leaders willing to investigate. There has been a trade-off discussed that involves repeal of limits on the Certificate of Need process. But according to Miller, the “private word from Governor Kemp is he is not interested.”

So what does Miller believe will get voted on this session?

Gun safety                     NO

Police body cameras        NO

Payday lending               NO

Reproductive rights          NO

Women’s healthcare         NO

Medicaid expansion         Slim chance of a compromise.

Like most freshmen and most Democrats, Miller feels votes on issues of interest to the public are “stifled” by the leadership. “Too many institutional blockades are used by the majority to block consideration of bills.”

What about property taxes? Given the failure to effectively assess the value of the commercial property in Fulton County, “maybe we should look at an increase in the homestead exemption.”

While the process is difficult, Rep Miller has enjoyed getting to know the other members of the House and even some Republicans. She feels she can talk to the Speaker when she needs to and get her views in front of Republican leaders.

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