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Porch Press Board Meeting 1/14/12

By Penny Luck
Board members present were Henry Bryant, Kris Raper, Mia Pond, Genie Strickland, Penny Luck, Fred Smith and Marc Takacs. The meeting was called to order at 7:20pm. The minutes of the October were approved as amended.
Treasurer’s report was presented and approved. Postal Service bulk rate increased significantly in December and postage costs now are higher than printing costs ($1415 vs. $1246 in December). The paper is still operating in the red to the tune of $500 to $1000 per month. In order to rectify this situation, we need to increase our advertising, so that we can go back to a 16-page paper.
East Atlanta has nominated a new board member, Howard Fore and SAND has nominated Kris Raper. Both were approved by the board. Mia Pond’s board status needs to be renewed by the Grant Park Neighborhood Association. The new Grant Park Association president, Lauren Rocereta, will be contacted
Distribution report:  Fred Smith to turn over historic issues of paper to Genie Strickland. UGA is currently microfilming past issues. A new distribution box has been placed at Six Feet Under. A discussion ensued regarding placement of additional boxes, possibly Villa Court, Ormewood Square, Drip, Hodge Podge or El Mexicano. Motion was passed to pursue two additional locations. Kris Raper and Genie Strickland volunteered to talk with the owners at El Mexicano.
The East Atlanta Editor position will be transitioning from Marc Takacs to Ruth Leinfeller during the next quarter. Stephanie Fretwell-Hill is currently the coordinating editor, taking over for Jennifer Thompson. All transitions seem to be running smoothly.  Lyn Hillman has assumed the duty of proof-night manager. Howard Fore will now be monitoring the website.
It was suggested that we contact the East Atlanta Business Association for article contributions. Suggestions were also made regarding making the website more timely, more mobile friendly and the possibility of integrating advertising.
Nancy Leighton had been working with Mr. Kim of Buffalo China to secure an ad. Penny Luck will contact him and in turn for advertising, write an article about the restaurant. Nancy Leighton was not in attendance as she was recovering from a long illness.
There will be no Porch Press retreat again this year as finances do not allow one. Penny Luck is to send out an email requesting alternatives to the annual retreat.  Retiring Board members need to be acknowledged.
The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm. The next board meeting will be April 8, 2013.

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