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Parkside Math Team Brings Home Championship Trophy

By Samantha Lueder
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The Parkside Math League Team was organized by Mr. Corbett, EIP Math teacher at Grant Park’s Parkside Elementary School.  The team is comprised of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. Coaches for the teams are Natalie Washington (4th grade), Timothy Farmer (3rd grade) and Cliff Corbett (5th grade). The team competed in the 1st Math League Competition held at Bolton Academy on February 13, 2013.
The competition was comprised of two segments, including a paper/pencil exam and a round of Jeopardy-style questions.  Scores were tabulated from both segments to determine the overall winner. Parkside placed in all categories, which allowed them to bring home the championship trophy.
Parkside placed in the following categories: 3rd Grade Team Competition – 2nd Place, 3rd Grade Written Exam – Winner, 4th Grade Team Competition – 2nd Place, 4th Grade Written Exam – Winner, 5th Grade Team Competition – 3rd Place, 5th Grade Written Exam – Winner, Math League Champions!!!!! There were total of 5 elementary schools participating in the competition.
The Parkside Math League Team was made up of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  Third grade members included Yohanan Brown, Ella Garnes, Gabrielle Green, Kristina Holt, Jaylon Johnson, Jacob Robertson, and Halen Toney.  Fourth graders on the team were Maesa Anderson, Amaris Calhoun, Jalon Cook, Zauditu Haskins, and Raveon Moore.  Fifth graders included Jacob Croskey, Myssa Omolara, Nadiyah Shabazz, Logan Smith, and Joie’ Weems.
Teacher Natalie Washington commented, “It was great seeing students across the district excited about completing math problems.” And fellow teacher Cliff Corbett said, “I was thrilled to see the students eager and competitive about solving math problems, especially the boys.”

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