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Ormewood Park Sign-Maker Franklin Bachrach

By Melanie Regnier

A native of Atlanta, Franklin Bachrach has lived in the Ormewood Park neighborhood for fifteen years – long enough to put down roots, start a family, and cultivate lasting friendships. Approximately six years ago, Bachrach and Brian Steely, a friend and OP neighbor, put their heads together to create an Ormewood Park logo. “We thought: how awesome would it be to brand the neighborhood? We really wanted to create something timeless, but that also reflected the history of Ormewood Park,” says Bachrach. Together they designed a flowy, looping logo that brings to mind Ormewood Park’s hills and former trolley lines. 

Bachrach and Steely then asked Jenelle Holmes, pastor of the Ormewood Church, if they could paint the logo on the side of the church fellowship hall. Pastor Holmes welcomed the idea and the logo went up just before the inaugural Ormewood Park Maker’s Festival. The logo got lots of positive feedback, and Bachrach and Steely made limited quantities of stickers and house flags as well. 

Several months ago, Bachrach started making Ormewood Park house signs with the logo. He approached his friend Phil Proctor, owner of the South River Art Studios in East Atlanta, for help. Proctor has a metal fabrication tool called a plasma jet, which can cut designs out of steel plate, like a giant router. They started with a run of 30 signs, which were quickly sold. Bachrach made another 40 signs, which are nearly gone. He plans to make as many as there is a demand for.

“The best part of this project has been to meet neighbors,” says Bachrach. “Either I deliver the signs, or sometimes people come to pick them up off my porch. Even with COVID, everyone has wanted to get together on my porch or their porch to get their signs.” The steel signs, hung outside, will rust over time, “…and they just get cooler and cooler,” says Bachrach. For more information about the house signs, contact Bachrach at

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