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Organic Market Opens in East Atlanta Village

Bond Organic Market. Photo by Wen Chen

By Judy Hudgens
Bond Organic Market chose to open this organic market in East Atlanta Village (EAV) versus big-city Atlanta, for the great neighborhood. Bringing an organic market to a community such as EAV affords local families many benefits, but the ability to shop smaller, fresher, and more often. Why are these three actions advantageous to your family?
By purchasing smaller amounts of food in one shopping trip, less food is wasted because most of the food is used immediately. If your family is like most, dinner plans can get sidelined and some fresh food purchases spoil before they can be eaten. Americans waste approximately 25 percent of their food, totaling $1,365 to $2,275 per a family of four annually. Taking steps to shop smaller could have a large, positive financial effect on your yearly food budget.
As a smaller venue, Bond Organic Market has developed strong relationships with local and regional food growers to bring shoppers a farm-to-table experience. This allows you to purchase your food fresh from the farm, when it is at its most flavorful and nutrient-dense state. As a small market, Bond can rotate through stock more quickly and provide you with ripe, juicy, crisp seasonal produce as soon as it is harvested, which results in fresher selections for you.
Shopping more often allows greater flexibility for families. Not only can it satisfy immediate food cravings, but what is bought first usually is used first, so shopping frequently reduces the chance of food disappearing into the refrigerator drawer, only to be discovered on garbage day as unusable. It’s a common problem, but one in which each family can take control by shopping with intention more often. An organic market in the neighborhood makes a stop on the way home from work or errands, a manageable task, rather than another thing on the ‘to-do’ list that takes you out of East Atlanta and into big-city Atlanta traffic.
Bond Organic Market hopes community families will get into the habit of shopping smaller, fresher, and more often. Come in today to see what’s fresh in the market and begin to build a healthy relationship with another retail asset in East Atlanta Village. Stop by, get some fresh groceries for dinner, and welcome our newest retail neighbor.

Bond Organic Market is located at 535 Gresham Avenue, and open from 9:00am to 8:00pm every day except Sunday, when it is closed.

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