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NPU-W Meeting Minutes – March 2017

NPU-W Meeting Minutes
DATE: March 22, 2017
TIME: 7:30pm
LOCATION: Village Church East Atlanta
1231 Glenwood Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30316
PRESIDING: Johnathan Barhite
PLANNER: Christian Olteanu

  1. Call to Order by the Ringing of the Historic NPU-W Bell, Quorum Check and Acceptance of Agenda,

Ed Gilgor

  1. Chair’s Opening Remarks and Reminders Regarding Rules of Conduct of Meeting, Ed Gilgor
  2. Police, District Attorney, Solicitor’s Office, Fire Reports and other City or County Reps
  3. Andre Owens,, Fire Department
  4. Captain Neil Klotzer,, Zone 6 Police Department
  5. Code Enforcement Desmond Strachan,
  6. DPW Larry Earl Jackson,
  7. Watershed Management Nelson Barrett (did not speak)
  8. Chair’s Announcements and Commentary
  9. The Atlanta Cycling Festival
  10. Planner’s Report Christian Olteanu,
  11. Education Committee Report, Lewis Cartee,
  12. Transportation Committee,
  13. APAB report, Jack Gruendler,
  14. Public Safety
  15. Special Event Applications

i Jordan Marsh, Meet Your Best Friend In the Park, May 6, 2016 – Approve
ii Melissa Laurenceau, Neighborhood Jazz Series Grant Park, April 23,2017 – Approve

  1. Alcohol Applications

i Morgan Maclellan, Grant loves Pizza, LLC d/b/a Your Pie 275 Memorial Drive – New business. No recommendation on application disposition. Recommend applicant attend April GPNA meeting.

  1. Land Use Committee Report – Rod Lee,
  2. Board of Zoning Adjustment Applications

i V-17-048 (Variance) – Support the recommendation of NPU-M (Unanimous)
ii V-17-052 (Variance) – Approve (20-2)
iii V-17-055 (Variance) – Defer or, in the alternate, deny (Unanimous)

  1. Zoning Review Board Applications

i Z-16-011 (Text Amendment) – Defer to April LUZ committee meeting (Unanimous)
ii U-17-005 (Special Use Permit) & U-17-006 (Special Use Permit) – Support the recommendation of NPU-M (Unanimous)
iii Z-17-009 (Text Amendment) – Support (22-1-3)


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