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Now That’s a Community Collaboration

By Nate Minor

In East Atlanta, there’s an exciting collaboration unfolding that involves the East Atlanta Community Association (EACA), the East Atlanta Business Association (EABA), Georgia Works, and support from Councilmember Liliana Bakhtiari’s office. This partnership aims to not only beautify our streets but also provide essential support to our unhoused neighbors, striking a perfect balance between enhancing our community’s aesthetics and empowering its members.

Georgia Works is contributing a comprehensive approach to reducing homelessness, focusing on employment and personal development opportunities. Their efforts, ranging from leaf collection to sidewalk maintenance, aim to not only improve the visual appeal of the Village but also offer a pathway for many individuals to regain their independence. This project is more than just an improvement in the physical landscape; it’s about instilling hope and fostering a sense of belonging among all community members.

The initiative has garnered substantial support from the community, demonstrated by a GoFundMe campaign that has raised over $6,600. This enthusiastic response highlights the community’s dedication to fostering change and progress. Everyone is encouraged to support this cause by visiting Each donation and share helps to expand the impact of this important initiative.

Let’s come together to support this cause, showcasing the strength and compassion of our community through collective action. By participating in this initiative, we can help transform East Atlanta into a symbol of hope, community pride, and a benchmark for urban renewal.

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