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Notes on Neighborhood: June 2012

GPNA Meeting Minutes, 20 March 2012

By Laurie Baggett

7:38 p.m. meeting called to order. President Russell Baggett welcomed members, introduced new members & reviewed meeting conduct. He thanked Zoo Atlanta for the use of their space. Next GPNA meeting is Tues. 4/17 at 7:30pm. He introduced Zoo Atlanta’s Sr. Vice President of Operations & Guest Services, Mr. Carey Burgess, who updated 2012’s Special Experiences & Public Events. Contact, or June Wilson @ 404-624-5670.

Vice President Lauren Rocereta passed out sign in sheets for committee involvement & volunteer opportunities. Block captains’ Neighborhood Watch meeting in April.

4/14 5K Run for ANCS.

Secretary Laurie Baggett said last month’s meeting minutes are in front for review.

Treasurer Michelle Botwinick reviewed accounts. Donations to GPNA are tax exempt (501-3-C).

Public Safety Committee Chair Chris Newman introduced a Tin Lizzie representative regarding a festival permit application for a Sat., 5/5 party involving Claxton property on Woodward & Oakland Avenues. Permit is for 999 people & live music until 11pm, security, police, clean-up, port-o- potties. Chris Newman made motion to table until next month due to incomplete application, discussion allowed re: dumpsters emptied at 6am. Motion seconded & unanimously approved.

Education & Children’s Issues Committee Chair Meg Boeff discussed APS re-districting issues. GPPN FaceBook page shows 2 sketches of potential child-nappers.

Major Keith Meadows, the new Zone 6 Commander, discussed opening precinct in 4th ward community opening next week for day & evening crime watches. New precinct is in Kirkwood. Explained Zone 6 boundaries. Response times have significantly increased. Cell #404-558-5535,

Historic Committee Chair Paul Simo reminded to open vents underneath houses. Committee meets Mon. 4/16.

Land Use & Zoning Committee Chair Rick Hudson discussed rezoning application for 313 & 317 Cherokee Avenue from R-5 to SBI -22. Architect Allen Hoss displayed drawings for proposal of project, a 2 – phase development to refurbish Claxton building & allow limited access- egress parking area off Cherokee Avenue for employee parking. We’re addressing rezoning issue only tonight. 2 votes = 7 support, 1 non; 7 support, 2 abstaining. Concerns were voiced regarding safety, restricted parking not restricted to employees, noise, crime issues, density/ # of housing units. Conditions for rezoning on this site plan were presented tonight, 2 discussion points = “no monument signs” condition removed. Motion of support with conditions made, properly seconded, discussion allowed, 28 approved, 5 opposed, 6 abstained. Motion carries to NPU for consideration on 3/28 @ Martha Brown United Church 7:30pm.

Fund Raising Committee Chair John Elmore had to leave early. Pub Crawl fund raising event Sat. 4/ 21.

Parks &Recreation Committee Chair Sharon Jenkins not present due to attending AYSO event.

Technology Committee Co-Chair Jason Parker can be reached @ 404-939-0410.

Transportation Committee Chair – contact Louie Ingle.

Open Floor: Chris Balch re: private venue on Home Avenue. David Dryer from GP Conservancy introduced Alice Chambers as full time Director of Operations. Conservancy sponsors the GP Farmer’s Market. Sopo Bikes moving to Woodward Avenue. Emergency notifications plan introduced by Cary Burgess from Zoo Atlanta. Cyclorama celebrates Great Atlanta Train Chase during month of April.

Meeting adjourned 9:46pm.

SEABA Updates

By Ashley McCartney

On April 19, 2012, GardenHood and Stone Soup Kitchen hosted us for Networking in the Garden. We had about 17 guests total, including a political candidate, Michael Johnson. GardenHood was beautiful, as usual, and Stone Soup Kitchen provided us with snacks to get our networking juices flowing. We appreciate both of their continued interest in SEABA.

On May 17, 2012, H.H. Harper Station will host our soiree from 5:30 until 7:15. We look forward to bringing H.H. Harper Station into the SEABA fold. Bring your business cards! This is where deals get started.

If you have not paid your dues for 2012 ($24 for an individual and $60 for an organization), please do so either by sending a check to SEABA at 199 Estoria Street, SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 or you may pay with your credit card at any of our events.

Good things are on the horizon for SEABA. Please check out our new SEABA website at for information about our new membership guidelines, leaders, membership benefits, and tactical and strategic plans for 2011-2012. If you would like to be on our mailing list or know more about our organization just send an email to and we’ll get back to you. We are also now on Facebook.

SEABA (South East Atlanta Business Association) was created through the merger of the Reynoldstown/Cabbagetown Business Association and the Grant Park Merchants Association in 2006. Our most important goals are to strengthen and grow the business community and enhance the quality of life for all residents. SEABA is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation operated by volunteers.

SAND April Meeting Minutes and Notes

By Sandy Lee, vice president

The meeting was called to order by President Steve Norman.


  • SAND voted unanimously to approve a Land Use and Zoning Committee motion to approve a second story addition at 1016 Sanders Avenue: vote of 12-0.
  • The minutes from the previous meeting on March 8, 2011, were approved unanimously.


Atlanta Police Department: Sgt. Gruen reported on neighborhood crime statistics and other issues. Zone 6 auto larcenies are up. Statistics will be distorted due to zone realignments. More multi-unit properties, where more crime occurs, are now located in Zone 6. Sgt. Gruen will alert the commercial vehicle unit to address enforcement of tractor-trailers using Moreland as a cut-through.

Land Use and Zoning: The residents of 1016 Sanders Avenue are requesting a variance to add a second story addition. The footprint of the house is not changing, but the addition is within the setback. The LUZ committee motion to approve was unanimously approved by SAND by a vote of 12-0.

Public Safety: Ron Lall reported on mail being stolen and cars being rifled through. Ron also explained the shot spotter technology; NPU-W will ask that some of the city’s resources be used to implement this technology in Atlanta and will ask for SAND support.

Schools and Children: Alfred Brooks reported. APS voted on school closures this week. Benteen and Stanton will stay open. McDonough-Guice may go to Thomasville Heights. SAND may want to take a position. A meeting with School Board President Brenda Muhammad will be scheduled. SAND wants all SAND neighborhoods to be included in the Jackson cluster.

Transportation: Bob Titus reported that traffic enforcement on Moreland Avenue is in progress and urged residents to exercise care. A light rail proposal with potential stops in Glenwood Park and East Atlanta Village is proposed. It may extend to Turner Field. This is a major change from previous plans and would be part of the TIA vote in July. It was formally approved by the MARTA Board in July. Prior to this, there was little reason for Southeast Atlanta to vote for the TIA. This may encourage residents to re-think this position. There may also be funding remaining in contingency to allow bus rapid transit along Moreland Avenue. A resolution was suggested. The Transportation Committee meets every 4th Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Martha Brown Church.

SAND and NPU involvement: Several neighbors noted that SAND has good leadership in the NPU. All the NPU committee chairs are SAND residents. However, few SAND residents attend the NPU meetings and have voting rights. The NPU requires attendance at two prior meetings to vote at the third meeting. SAND members were urged to attend NPU meetings and increase SAND participation in order to have voting rights before the next important vote.

Moreland Avenue LCI: Ron Lall reported on the rezoning of C-1 properties along Moreland. In order to adopt the LCI recommendations, there has been a moratorium placed on rezoning or replatting of all C-1 properties on Moreland until the end of the calendar year. Doug Young is the city planner assigned to this project. The LCI recommends rezoning of C-1 properties to discourage auto-intensive uses and encourage more mixed-use developments. Public meetings, map presentations, and public input will be part of the process taking place through Land Use and Zoning Committee and NPU meetings.

Minutes approved: Minutes from the previous meeting were unanimously approved.

Adjourned: The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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