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Notes on Neighborhood: August 2011

GPNA Meeting Minutes, June 2011

By Laurie Baggett
At 7:30 pm on June 21, 2011the Grant Park Neighborhood (GPNA) meeting was called to order by President Russell Baggett. He reviewed meeting conduct and thanked Zoo Atlanta for the use of their space. The next GPNA meeting is August 19. He discussed the annual Grant Park Criterium bicycle race being held in the park and along Park Avenue on Sunday, August 21 and made a motion to approve the event. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. He introduced five new members and welcomed 38 in attendance.
Vice President Lauren Rocereta discussed the Mothball and Tour of Homes events and asked for volunteers. She distributed committee signup sheets and updated the Neighborhood Watch program. She asked for involvement and comments on the Facebook page.
Secretary Laurie Baggett was not in attendance. Last month’s meeting minutes were in The Porch Press and on Facebook, but were not available at the meeting for review. They will be at next month’s meeting for review and approval.
Treasurer Michele Botwinick was on her way. Email her or Russell for an updated report.
Public Safety Committee Chair Chris Newman is on his way. Russell introduced Lieutenant Browning from Zone 3 who reported that May’s burglaries were down to four and reminded members to use and promote the Clean Car Campaign – details can be found on the APD website. Auto thefts are on the rise. Officer John Dancey introduced himself as a Zone 3 evening officer patrolling on his bicycle and handling nuisance issues. He can be reached at Zone 3 Community Prosecutor and Assistant District Attorney Claire Farley reviewed trial cases and a missing dog after a home invasion.
Michele Botwinick arrived with an update of accounts and tax deductible donation opportunities.
Chris Newman arrived and discussed a scam involving young girls soliciting door to door.
Economic Development Committee Chair Jeff Rogers discussed SEABA events. Find information about the organization at GPNA meeting reminder yard signs are available.
Education and Children’s Issues Committee Chair Meg Boeff was not present. Check out GPPN’s new Facebook Page.
Fundraising Committee Chair Gigi Conner was not present. This year’s Tour of Homes and Mothball events need volunteers.
Historic Committee Chair Paul Simo introduced Henry Bryant, director of the Battle of Atlanta event on July 16. Contact for information and volunteer opportunities.
Land Use and Zoning Committee Chair Rick Hudson was absent. Little Tart Bakeshop/Octane are on their way to the Jane!
Parks and Recreation Committee Chair Sharon Jenkins had no specific updates. The GP Farmer’s Market has new hours from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.
Technology Committee Chair Stephanie Warner was not present.
Transportation Committee Chair Louie Ingall said the next meeting is July 7 in the ARC building’s Tech Lab at the Zoo. He discussed the Atlanta Regional Round Table’s Transportation Investment Act. Visit for information and a listing of public meetings and citizen feedback surveys. The final list is due October 13, 2011. He updated on reported transportation issues and requests. Contact him to report any transportation issues.
New Business/Open Floor: Sharon Jenkins reminded members to order Sunbursts. Michele Botwinick discussed insurance issues for a neighborhood community garden. Sylvia from The Beignet Connection restaurant brought menus and invited members to come on by for some awesome Creole cuisine!
8:55 p.m. Meeting adjourned.

SAND Minutes – June

President Steve Norman called the meeting to order. New neighbors were introduced.
Public Safety: Major Dalton, APD Zone 6, reported that burglaries are significantly down. Michael Scott, 22 years old was arrested on Faith Ave. A perimeter was set up, and numerous neighbors reported in with “He’s in my backyard.” Scott, who had stolen a car, has 13 priors and an outstanding: robbery from Decatur and a burglary from Dekalb. Another arrest was made on Woodland near Custer, found laptop from car breakin & credit card from Zone 4.
A neighbor asked if there is a curfew, having seen 4 young teens hanging out and calling 911, who acted like they didn’t care. Major Dalton said he’d take care of it. Yes, there is a curfew: 16 & under, 11pm to 7am weekdays, 12pm to 7am Fridays & Saturdays.
The Community Liaison Unit (with Chief Propstb) was recently at OPPC. It would be difficult to let us know when it will he set up as it happens quickly.
If you’re going to be out of town, call precinct or email
As to how to curb speeding, particularly on Faith between Moreland & Stovall where a couple of telephone poles were knocked out, Major Dalton recommended contacting our councilperson to help get speed bumps.
Transportation: Bob Titus presented 2 NPU-W positions which were discussed.

  1. NPU-W motion–a policy position to city “that NPU-W does not support the development of automobile intensive property development projects that create hazardous situations for pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers due to inconsistent or inadequate vehicular traffic access or egress. . .” The access must be able to accommodate the number of vehicles.
    SAND supported 25 for, 2 against.
  2. “. . . NPU-W urges the City of Atlanta, through its normal procedures and processes, to create a new commercial property zoning classification for automobile intensive uses such as, but not limited to, motor vehicle fueling and service stations or facilities, car washes and commercial facilities with drive-in/drive-out service windows or other similar motor vehicle oriented service features.”

It was pointed out that, if this had existed, the car wash on Moreland would have had to come through the zoning process for approval.
SAND supported 24 for, 3 against.
Discussion included how to get developers to come to our meetings, how businesses use average median incomes to determine if a neighborhood can support development, and the Moreland LCI. City accepted rezoning for other LCIs but not ours – long-term process. A letter (from SAND? from NPU?) requesting such was sent a few months ago.

  • MARTA-I-20 survey was distributed via the Google group.
    Transportation Committee meets on the 4th Wednesday at 6:30pm.
  • Land Use & Zoning Committee meets the 1st Tuesday at 7:00pm

Both at Martha Brown.
QT Update – City revoked the replat, partially due to SAND lawyer, but QT can appeal. The building permit is on hold. SouthStar is continuing to work with QT to secure an alternative location in the corridor suitable for their business.
Paul Bolster reported on a half-hour meeting with QT & DoT regional and district.
? ? ? Nan and Margaret Kaiser ? ? ?
SAND voted to increase funding for lawyer.
Bingo fundraiser being planned for July.
QT is not the end of commercial development on Moreland. We have to be diligent in making it compatible with residential area.
Land Use & Zoning: Fred Smith noted that we don’t get a vote on these subdivisions but can comment on technical aspects.
631 Glenwood Pl – rezone R4 to R4A in order to build 2 houses. One house is already there. No objections.
1541 Hazelrig Dr – Road is unused and kudzu covered. Habitat wants to build 9 houses on 10 lots.
There is a committee working on rewriting NC2 (Neighborhood Commercial–Moreland & East Atlanta from I-20 to Glenwood or Portland) which includes allowable uses for barbed wire, chain-link fence, lighting, billboards, telecom, parking, for vending (10 x 10 tent required), principal use limitations for specific type of businesses, etc. Concern was expressed about EAV sidewalk dining and the vending requirement which would prohibit vendors such as King of Pops. The committee’s recommendations will be put online for comment.

  • Check values on new tax assessments, many were halved, can still file appeal.
  • EACA meeting next Tuesday.
  • Different Porch Press deadline for articles this month – June 22.

Last month minutes approved
Meeting adjourned

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