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More Items Can Be Recycled in Atlanta

By Penny Luck
The city of Atlanta has recently increased the types of items that can be placed in your curbside recycling bin. All items can be placed together and they will be separated for recycling at the processing facility.

  • Paper—no food contaminated boxes, pizza boxes, paper towels, or napkins and no wax coated cartons.
  • Shredded paper in a clear plastic bag.
  • Glass—all bottles and jars (rinse). No plates, cups or windows.
  • Rinsed aluminum cans. No foil, trays, or plates.
  • Plastics (Nos. 1-7 [rinsed]). Hard plastic food containers and plastic bottles stamped with numbers 1-7 inside the arrows. No plastic bags, hoses, pipes, wire, furniture, polystyrene, or hangers.
  • Steel (tin) food and aerosol cans. No metal or wire hangers.
  • Cardboard which is broken down or cut to fit in the bin. Keep it dry. No styrofoam.
    No wood or building materials.

This greatly increases the number of items that we can recycle and keep our city green. Remember that the City of Atlanta promises to continue to offer weekly pick up of yard trimmings and recyclables for its residents.
The city also offers a large recycling cart upon request. The large blue bin should
be used only for recyclable items and NOT for household garbage. Call 404-330-6333
or send an email to to request a blue recycle bin.

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