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Local Apartment Complexes Targeted by Prosecutors

By Henry Bryant

Atlanta and Fulton County prosecutors have named 43 complexes in different parts of town citing persistently dangerous and unhealthy apartments. Some have been designated a top priority including 3 in or very near the border of the Porch Press area. One is Forest Cove Apartments on New Town Circle at the southern edge of the SAND neighborhood off of Constitution. This complex has been in the news a lot over the past few years for crime most recently for the shooting of 5 people in the condemned complex. Another troubled complex is Martin Street Plaza on Georgia Avenue near the western edge of Grant Park. Trestletree Village named for the railroad trestle on the beltline as it crosses United Avenue in the center of NPU-W.

          Housing advocates point out that forcing tenants out and prosecuting landlords will not necessarily clean up the complexes or provide affordable housing for the evicted residents. Meanwhile nearby neighborhoods can experience increased crime.

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