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Library Cards for Everyone

by Nancy Leighton
It’s back-to-school time again and librarians everywhere are on a quest to get all school aged children and adults signed up for library cards. Librarians in the Atlanta Fulton County Public Library System and the DeKalb Library System are ready to sign up children as young as four years of age for their own library card in their own name. Parents will need to bring in proof of residence, such as a driver’s license or utility bill, with their child to sign up. Teenagers 14 and up can apply for a card on their own when they bring their residency information. 
Libraries have books and materials for people of all ages to borrow and return or for use within the library. Many of the items are educational but there also many books that are entertaining. Books about American history, world history and culture, science, inventors, ocean adventures, outer space, and the ever-popular dinosaurs, can all be found at the library. These subjects can be fun to read and start a young child off in reading activities, which will help them as they go through elementary school, high school and even college.
All libraries in the Atlanta Metro can help patrons find books that suit their interest. The East Atlanta Library has a large collection of children’s books. There are so many that not all of them can fit into the children’s area. Some books for young readers are shelved in with the adult books. Be sure to look in both areas to find everything available. Also look into the various programs available for children and adults.
A library is like a tiny college right in the community. Everyone can pick his or her own subject or subjects to learn about. There are no classes, no grades, and everyone works at their own pace, learning as much or as little as they prefer. Throughout history many successful people have credited time spent in the library as an important starting point to their later achievements. 

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