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Let’s Fix Our Sidewalks

By Paul Bolster
I went to a recent SAND meeting and commented on the condition of our sidewalks. I had noticed on my walks around the neighborhood that in some places our trees and shrubs are obstructing the sidewalk path. My comment drew an informal suggestion that I could be the sidewalk chair for the neighborhood. Let that be a lesson if you go to a future meeting. So here are some suggestions:

  1. When you are out for a walk, bring along some hand clippers and clear away the little irritating branches that might poke you in the eye or knock your hat off. Hats are good safety equipment for a walk.
  2. If you are passing a new building project, take note of whether the developer is keeping the sidewalks clear during construction and whether it looks like sidewalks are part of the plans. Ask the builder or the builder’s crew if there is a sidewalk plan. On a recent walk I found the sidewalks near the old stockade (site of a new project) to have the most overgrowth.
  3. If you are a homeowner, make sure the sidewalks around your lot are clear.

We probably should have a sidewalk plan for the neighborhood. In a recent assessment of neighborhood quality commissioned by the City of Atlanta, the quality of the sidewalks was a factor on which we were judged. All the short developer-installed sections need to be connected so they contribute to the quality and safety of our neighborhood.
And, come to the next SAND meeting and become the chair of the sidewalk committee. I will vote for you.

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