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Grant Park’s Utopia Foot and Shoulder Massage Is Destroyed in Fire, Aims to Return with Community Support 

By Julie Miller Stewart, Owner

On the morning of August 21, Utopia, my business, caught fire and was destroyed. The fire started in the storage closet and is still undetermined by the Atlanta Fire Department and Insurance Investigator. It is still under investigation. We have many hoops to jump through, but currently plan to return.

You know my story. I did a complete build-out and got my license to open in March 2020, when the world had mostly shut down. We were able to finally open on May 19, 2020, when spas and gyms were given permission by the state to do so. It was a challenging year, but we fought our way through with determination. And, up until the fire, I accomplished exactly what I had intended to do: establish a community business with excellent customer service. I wanted to create a place for our clients to get a top-notch foot and shoulder massage at an affordable price. And, most importantly, I endeavored to do so while treating my employees with dignity and respect. Most have been with me from the start and have committed to returning when we can reopen. I am helping some of them find jobs but would like to do all I can to keep their loyalty. We have fifteen employees.

This was my baby. I was proud of it. I didn’t even realize how fulfilling it would be to make others happy, but it seriously warmed my heart.

So many of you have reached out to set up support or support in general, so here it is, on GoFundMe: (or just search “Utopia Atlanta”). Please know that all of us at Utopia genuinely thank you. We have already been blown away by your kindness so far. There is good out there, there is.

A few final points: Once we reopen, there will be no expiration on gift cards that were previously purchased. For donation amounts, maybe think in terms of what you would spend on one massage. Price ranges from $33-72. Please share this information and the GoFundMe to your social pages, community pages, etc.


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