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GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Call to Order–7:30pm. President’s Introduction. 2024 Steering Committee Nominations – Nomination period will be open from the September meeting (9/19) through the October meeting (10/17). Voting will take place during the November meeting (11/21). All positions are open, and any interested neighbor is welcome to apply! Feel free to reach out to the current committee chair to learn more.

Voting Items

Treasurer’s Update: The August income statement is found in the Google folder. For anyone interested in becoming Treasurer for the 2024 year, please contact Evelyn Pannell at

Public Official Update: Michael Ulmer (Council member Winston’s office) joined to share a few updates. Councilmember Winston is doing a diaper drive and that information can be found on the new website: This upcoming week, committee meetings will take place. There will be conversations about ways to manage local watersheds and create a work session to determine how to handle heavy rainfall events in the future. Michael didn’t have any updates on the Boulevard Complete Street project, but is hopeful to share some by the next meeting. Contact info for Michael: Office: 404-330-6039, Cell: 770-689-7810.

Harmoni Brangman joined on behalf of Commissioner Natalia Hall’s District. She can be reached at or 404-612-8226. A few updates and upcoming events include: 9/25 – Keeping Families Housed Town Hall, 10/7 – Jon Gardener Health Fair, 10/27 – CEOs of Tomorrow Youth Conference.

Special Orders

Item One – Public Safety: The joint neighborhood safety meeting will take place Monday, October 2. Neighbors can register for the meeting on the NPU-W website.

APD Zone 6 & Fire Station 10 Update: Erica Stanley (Day Watch Supervisor) joined from the Zone 6 Precinct – Given the conversation around 41 Bar and Grill, Officer Stanley mentioned the noise ordinance is from 11pm-6am. Illegally parked cars can also be impounded 24/7. The precinct is still giving out free steering wheel locks for neighbors for free. You may call 911 for abandoned vehicles or the non-emergency number 404-546-6666. You may also call code enforcement for abandoned property 404-546-0311.

Alcohol License Applications: Birdcage, 519 Memorial, Leslie Cohen – This application was approved without any objections from the GPNA body. 42 Bar & Grill, 327 Memorial (Augustine’s old location) – According to today’s discussions, the applicant of 42 Bar & Grill will be submitting a revised application prior to NPU. Rashad Robertson joined as legal representation for Belen Getachew. Concept of the restaurant: Upscale sports bar. The concept would be similar to Augustine’s. There would be a designated area for hookah. Hours are 12pm to 11pm. There’s an outstanding court case tied to the property (from previous management) that will be resolved in the coming months. Conversation started with challenges related to previous owners in the same location. There are a few requests on behalf of the neighborhood: no street valet parking, no outdoor entertainment with amplified music, dumpster steam cleaning as necessary, installed gate to conceal dumpster, no bottomless drink specials, and strictly enforced hours of operation. The owner would like to explore outdoor music and entertainment during appropriate business times. Prior to the NPU, that needs to be clarified in regard to the SPI-22, since the outdoor area is adjacent to residences. The application previously didn’t include distance requirements, but that will be amended to show that it’s adhering to SPI-22. Neighborhood comments and questions included: In the latest NPU meeting, the owner’s other restaurant location (Vanity) extended hours to 2:30 am because it was deemed necessary. A question was raised if she could confirm the hours would not be extended in the future. Belen Getachew said it would not. Will there be amplified music from inside? Or loud televisions to highlight sports events? Will there be armed guards at the front door like Augustine’s? Will the outdoor space be used until it is finalized/approved? Patio space will not be used in the winter. It might be worth adding a historic/design point that for any redesign or modification of building, that some of the character of the service station is retained, whether inside or outside. Will Ms. Getachew be the sole owner of 41 Bar and Grill? Yes. Past problems with people leaving the previous restaurant with alcohol, urinating/throwing up in the street, and drag racing down narrow streets. How does the new owner plan on controlling that behavior from happening in the future? How will you prevent a security issue in the neighborhood? There will be cameras on the site. Alcohol will not be allowed off-premise. Don’t plan on having a crowd that gets that wasted or rowdy. Owner mentioned it also comes down to properly trained staff. The NPU-W meeting is next Wednesday for the formal vote. Rashad and Belen are available for a separate meeting Thursday (9/21) at 7pm via Zoom. Neighbors can register at  

Upcoming Events: Dessert Festival – 9/23, Run 4 Kids 5K – 9/30, Jan Gardner Health & Wellness Event – 10/7, BBQ “Pig in the Park” – 11/11 – They have run a number of festivals throughout the years; will be on the agenda for voting at the NPU meeting next week. No objections. APS Cross Country Championship Meets at Phoenix Park/Cheney Track – 10/4.

Item Two – Land Use & Zoning: Beltline Overlay Vote Updates. Restriction on New Drive-Thrus – Passed. Restriction on New Service Stations – Passed. Prohibit Minimum Parking Requirements for Any Zoning – Did Not Pass.

Item Three – Transportation: Marion & Chester Avenues to be connected as a public street – Connects Glenwood area and South Grant Park (Berne). Propel ATL Memorial Updates – Memorial Drive lanes will be updated at Boulevard going West – taking 4 lanes and going down to one lane each way with a middle turn lane and bike lanes on each side. The final designer was hired for the South Boulevard Complete Streets and councilmember Winston is pushing for a community meeting after 10% completion (so early on in the design process). Date TBD. Generally speaking, the goal is for construction to be completed by 2026 and is fully funded around the $8M mark.

Item Four – Homes & History: 432 Cherokee Avenue – Change of Ownership/Demo Permit & Conditions (Vote October 17) – This property was at a standstill for quite a white. We hadn’t heard anything from new owners on the intentions until this afternoon (9/19), when GPNA received notification of a demo permit. They intend to salvage pieces and parts to be used in construction to integrate into the new design. The plan is for it to be a single family home that is a close copy to the previous structure. This property will be on the September 25 Homes & History Committee agenda, and then will be brought to the October general body meeting for a vote. The owners are not local and are an entity that owns other problem properties in the neighborhood (255 Georgia Avenue). Amicus Brief on behalf of the Atlanta Preservation Center, Inc. Presentation. An amicus curiae (lit. ‘friend of the court’) is an individual or organization who is not a party to a legal case, but who is permitted to assist a court by offering information, expertise, or insight that has a bearing on the issues in the case. the decision on whether to consider an amicus brief lies within the discretion of the court. David Mitchell (Atlanta Preservation Center) asking for support to list GPNA as a goodwill partner in the document. “There are disagreements in how AUDC ruled regarding a height restriction in Inman Park, but the amicus brief will help affirm that the historic characteristics are important and are constantly being challenged. The absence of landmark districting, we would have a much more complicated time giving input as a neighborhood. This is only a reaffirmation of what we’ve established in Grant Park as a historic district.” Neighborhoods that have already signed: Adair Park, Cabbagetown, West End, Druid Hills. GPNA will vote on this during the October GPNA meeting (10/17).

Item Five – Economic Development: Grant Park 5K – 11/4. Nate attended town hall with tenants of the Beacon to utilize for the start and end of the 5K. Parking lot attendant, bathrooms and more will be available. Parking will be in a lot owned by the Beacon, so should not impede any residential parking. Call for Sponsors – We’re up to 4-5 sponsors currently, and still looking for more. Those interested in getting involved can reach out to Call for Volunteers – Would love to find a sponsor or volunteer to design medals in the shape of the sunbursts.

Item Six – Community Items: Matt Saylor, Stream & Asana presentation about the Beacon: Renovations will be taking place in Building B (the large/main part of the Beacon commercial space). Goals for the project: currently have a lot of small, internal suites. Would like to consolidate these blocks to 3 larger blocks with external visibility and signage. also improvements with outdoor patio space. Timing: So far, the team has gone through the design review committee and registration permit through the city. Next steps are to complete construction drawings and if all permits are secured quickly, would start construction early 2024 and complete by summer 2024. Tenants haven’t been identified. There are no plans to alter the entrances or number of parking spaces. The development team is requesting community feedback around tenant ideas/gaps that neighbors want filled. Those interested in weighing in can take the survey here. 

Approval of the August Minutes. New Business/Announcements. Adjournment – 8:30pm.

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Visit www. HYPERLINK “” for committee meetings and Zoom links.

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