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GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Call to Order–7:30pm. President’s Introduction: May’s GPNA Gathering turnout was strong and neighbors can be on the lookout for the next event at Elsewhere Brewing. GPNA appointed Nate Cook as Economic Development Chair for 2022. Vice President’s Welcome: Filming update for Rosalia Street. Treasurer’s Update: Monthly financial report is included in the minutes. Unfinished Business.

Public Official Update: Councilmember Wilson is hosting his first council meeting on 5/19 at 6:30pm off of Jonesboro Road to discuss public safety. More information can be found at

The Neighborhood Jazz Series will be held in Grant Park on 5/21 at 4:00pm. More information can be found at

Special Orders

Item One – Public Safety: Zone 6 & Fire Department Update – To date in May there have been 17 vehicle larcenies reported. If neighbors have any guests, please encourage them to keep their cars clean and no valuables in sight. Memorial Day & Busy Season – Please be alert and aware of parking challenges when the pool opens. If there are any issues with blocked driveways, etc. please call 911.

Summer Events: June 4: 5K Family Adoption Benefit Run 8:00am-10:00am. Route starts and finishes at MLK Middle School. June 18: Benefit in the Park. This won’t impact any streets. June 19: 5K Benefit 8:00am-10:00 am. Route starts on Cherokee at Augusta.

Signing Up for GPSP – More information can be found at

NPU-W Public Safety Meeting Update – NPU-W Public Safety now meets on the second Monday of each month. The next meeting will take place June 13 at 6:30pm.

Item Two – Land Use & Zoning – NPU-W LUZ recommended not supporting the text amendment to Z-22-25 ordinance that’s aiming to define and legislate ghost kitchens (commercial kitchens that prepare food for delivery only) because it lacks a grandfather clause for existing businesses and parking requirements. NPU-W LUZ’s main criticism was lack of context from the council around the problems they’re addressing and the data that supports those decisions. A motion was introduced and passed to recommend non-support of the legislation from GPNA to the NPU-W. Motion of non-support for Z-22-25 passes with 17 yes, 3 no and 3 abstain.

Item Three – Homes & History – The Homes & History Committee gave support at the Atlanta Urban Design Commission for new construction at 795 Lynwood Street. Preservation Tip of the Month: If you haven’t cleaned your gutters out since the fall, please clean your gutters. Standing water in gutters is a prime spot for mosquitoes. If any neighbor wants to give the Beltline feedback, the draft Subarea 4 Master Plan lives on the ABI website at

Item Four – Transportation – NPU-W received the Community Impact Grant, which will be $2,000 dedicated to sign-toppers. Anyone interested in getting involved in the sign topper initiative, email The sign topper design will be presented at the next meeting. GPNA is issuing a bus stop survey with the Zoo Atlanta employees to see what kind of amenities would help them and zoo guests that might use the bus system most.

Item Five – Technology Committee – Call for committee volunteers.

Item Six – Fundraising Committee – GPNA issued a poll on social media to determine which hat design to order (Grant Park spelled out or sunburst design). These will be ordered and sold as part of GPNA fundraising efforts, including at the Grant Park Farmers Market.

Item Seven – Legacy Neighbor Committee – Committee update.

Item Eight – Community Items – Early voting ends May 20 for the primary and election day is May 24. Voting hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Approval of the April minutes. New Business. Adjournment – 8:30pm.

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Online Directory: Visit for committee meetings and Zoom links.

Catherine Manci – President; Laura Keen – Vice President; Lauren Watt – Secretary; Evelyn Pannell – Treasurer; Samantha McKinlay – Fundraising Chair; Skyler Hassan – Land Use & Zoning; Chris Newman – Public Safety Committee Chair; Paul Simo – Homes & History Committee Chair; Stephanie Taylor Warner – Technology & Communications Chair; Phillip Kelly – Transportation Chair; Carl Rowland – Legacy Neighbors Committee Chair; Amber Scott – Philanthropic Chair

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