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GPNA Monthly Meeting – June 2021

June 15, 2021

Call to Order–7:30pm

President’s Introduction

Approval of the May Minutes: Minutes are approved

Treasurer’s Report: Now online in the GPNA Google Docs folder. Evelyn will have a monthly summary report. Donation Request Forms will be reviewed quarterly. Evelyn is working on that form and it will go up soon. Donation requests will be presented at the January, April, July, October meetings, and there will be a vote at the meeting on the following month.

Special Orders

Item One – Public Safety. Zone 6 Update – Lt. J Carrol’s email: Lt. J Carroll takes questions from the body. Policing Alternatives & Diversion Initiative (PAD) story. A neighbor reported someone in distress through 311, and PAD followed up and kept her in the loop about how they helped the person in distress.

Item Two – Land Use & Zoning. 289 Little Street – A resolution for removal of zoning condition by the Councilmember. Unanimous support from neighbors & GPNA, and it’s going to NPU-W for support. Carla Smith will support. 460 Connolly – nothing is happening, no new updates. Notes from new Transportation Chair, Phill Kelley – Reminder that Edgewood is closed on the weekends. GPNA Steering Committee signed off on the Beltline DOT grant application. Phill is joining the Beltline Subarea 4 Advisory Committee.

Item Three – Homes & History. 475 Broyles Street- rear yard studio: Paul Simo shared this new construction accessory dwelling unit (ADU) project as a showcase of a great backyard studio. 644 Woodward Avenue – demo and new build. GPNA reviewed this demo and new build, and the Homes & History Committee requested Atlanta Urban Design Center (AUDC) that the roof pitch be a bit lower. AUDC supports that request. Question about stockade fences/6-8 foot privacy fence. The city considers these a wall unless you have a few inches between each board, which is a shadowbox style.

Item Four – Community Items. Atlanta Preservation Center – request for donation from David Y Mitchell: How the $1,500 funds will be used? Maintenance on 327 St Paul Avenue, the oldest house in the city of Atlanta & their headquarters. Grant Park Camp A-Z, Atlanta Preservation & Zoo Atlanta. 20 children; using Grant Park as their campus, will eat in Grant Park, visit the Zoo. Beltline Rail Now presentation – rescheduled for July 2021. No representative was able to come. Stephanie Taylor Warner gave an update on a survey to complete by June 30, 2021.

New Business

Question about a large tree being removed without an arborist. Answer: Atlanta residents are encouraged to report illegal construction work or activity and property violations by contacting the Department of City Planning at or 404-865-8550.

Concern expressed about the state of the Grant Park Pool. Answer: GPNA will reach out to the city for a representative.

Adjournment – 8:30 p.m.

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Online DirectoryVisit for committee meetings and Zoom links.

Laura Keen – President; Audra Cunningham – Vice President; Catherine Manci – Secretary; Evelyn Pannell – Treasurer; Eliza Adams – Fundraising Chair; Skyler Hassan – Land Use & Zoning; Chris Newman – Public Safety Committee Chair; Paul Simo – Homes & History Committee Chair; Stephanie Taylor Warner – Technology & Communications Chair; Phillip Kelly – Transportation Chair

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