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GPNA Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, December 19, 2022

Call to Order–7:30pm. President’s introduction.

2022 GPNA Goals & Year End Review: Our goals were centered around fundraising, design regulations, a website refresh, sign toppers and community participation. From a community participation standpoint, we increased participation through a mix of monthly virtual meetings and 5 in-person gatherings and events. More to come in 2023!

2023 Appointments: Technology & Communications Chair – Maureen Nemanich was presented and will be approved next month with a vote from the GPNA body.

Fundraising Chair – Laura Keen was presented and will be approved next month with a vote from the GPNA body.

Legacy Neighbors Ad Hoc Committee Chair – Carl Rowland was presented and will be approved next month with a vote from the GPNA body.

Attend Next NPU-W Meeting – 12/21 at 7:00pm.

There are positions open for neighborhood representatives. As of December 19, 2022, Grant Park doesn’t have any approved representative in the neighborhood planning unit. There will be another vote for Grant Park representations tomorrow, Wednesday, December 21st. Anyone who lives in the neighborhood can vote for elected reps, regardless of past meeting participants. There are 5 candidates: Loyal Charles, Laura Keen, Skyler Hassan, Phill Kelly, Chris Balch. Register to attend at

Year-End Thanks – Thank you to all who have helped GPNA in various capacities this year. Special shout out to: Brad Thompson, Courteny Garvin, David Mitchell, Eliza Adams, Trenton Crawford, Lyn Hillman, Clarence Blalock, Puja Patel, Lina Vargas, John Ryan Alexander, Rich Pannell, Rob Sarwark, Grant Park Recreation Center Staff, and Six Feet Under & Elsewhere Brewing.

Grant Park Recreation Center Donation.

Vice President’s Welcome.

Treasurer’s Update: Reminder to review the Monthly Financial Report in Google Folder. November Income Statement.

Unfinished Business.

Public Official Update – Jason Winston: As a quick update, council is on official recess, but we did have official committee announcements released. Councilmember Winston is still on CDHS and the Finance Executive committee and is now Chair of the City Utilities Committee. For anyone interested in getting in touch with Jason Winston,

Special Orders

Item One – Public Safety: No Zone 6 & Fire Department Update. Incident Reports – The biggest problem continues to be vehicle larcenies and auto theft. Please do not leave your car running to warm up in the cold weather. Report Street Lights Out or Cycling On/Off – Street lights on metal poles belong to the city, and Georgia Power website has the map for reporting on the wood poles. Some have serial numbers/ID tags to help identify. Republic on Memorial Changing Ownership – There will be a License Review Board (LRB) hearing for updating the alcohol license; this will be voted on 12/21 at the NPU meeting. PAD Update – PAD was able to help gain temporary housing for a couple living in Grant Park. Next Committee Meeting is 1/9 at 6:30pm Safety Tips: Review contacts if you have a monitored security system and ensure everything is up to date. Ensure your CryWolf registration with the city is up to date. If you have a monitored system, you can check with your insurance carrier about discounts. GPNA did make the donation to Zone 6 for the holiday drive, and the officers were greatly appreciative. 

Item Two – Land Use & Zoning: Application V-22-193 received for 453 Waldo Street – to be reviewed at next GPLUZ meeting (12/22 at 7pm); the homeowner wants to reduce the setback on two sides of the property. 

Reminder to neighbors to prep for the upcoming Zoning 2.0 development. See for detailed information about zoning rewrite. January 17 is the next meeting.

Item Three – Homes & History: 2022 Goal Review – The major goal was to pass the design regulation rewrite. We’ve made great strides and have a solid focus group working on deep dives of the content. They will come out of the focus group in 2023. Design Regulations Updates – Steps for next year include presenting the designs, gathering broad feedback, and moving to GPNA membership for final vote and implementation. Thank you to the Atlanta Preservation Center for hosting these great conversations. “Design Regulations” 101 Presentations Recap – GPNA will post the presentation and Q&A on the website so neighbors can reference and learn more. Visit for more information. November/December AUDC Review: 255 Georgia Ave (improper demolition). September Design Review – inappropriate details found by GPNA committee and the city staff. November Design Review – went to AUDC and held public presentation November 21.

Item Four – Transportation: Year in Review. Organized with over 30 different Mead Street neighbors for stop sign at Park Avenue, sparking a city-wide push for increased stop signs

Engaged with CM Winston as Cherokee Ave protected bike lane was completed

Launched sign topper design and procurement process, website, and fundraiser (boosting fundraiser dollars by $12,240 through 2022 sponsorship of over 60% of intersections, plus NPU-W Community Impact Grant, which allowed for 40 sign toppers to be installed). Transportation in the Year Ahead – Build comprehensive community engagement plan to push prioritization and integrity of Boulevard Complete Streets in city plan. Engage with neighbors and the city about Shared Lane redesign on Woodward Avenue. Follow up engagement with 40+ neighbors on Grant Street about street safety improvements. Build and act on a bus stop improvement plan. Follow up with community requests for stop signs such as on Hill Street, Loomis Avenue, etc. Re-start Sidewalk Subcommittee, focusing on missing ramps and broken/missing sidewalks. Collaboration with Summerhill residents and neighborhood group on Georgia Avenue changes. Clean and barrier-free bike lands on Cherokee, Glenwood, Berne, and United Avenue. Sign Topper Update & Installation – Total sign topper sponsorship numbers: 63%

130 of 207 sponsored, 77 remaining. Neighbors interested in sponsoring an intersection can learn more on the GPNA Transportation website.

Item Five – Technology: Committee Update – GPNA made great progress on the new website this year and we look forward to finalizing things and pushing the site live in 2023. Thank you to Stephanie Taylor Warner for her years of service in this role.

Item Six – Fundraising: In 2022, GPNA sold: $7,900 in sunbursts (79), $780 in hats, $121 in other small merchandise at the Farmer’s Market. Final Thank You to our Mothball Sponsors: Grant Park Market, Upstairs Atlanta, Firepit Pizza, Samantha McKinlay Realty, Bottle Shop, Elsewhere Brewing, Intown Salt Room and Grant Park Coffeehouse.

Item Seven – Economic Development: New Year Business Mixer – We’re working to get things scheduled and will share more information as soon as possible. Call for committee volunteers – Those looking to get involved should reach out to
Item Eight – Philanthropy: Grant Awards for 2022 – The Porch Press – $1,000, Atlanta Preservation Center – $1,000, Grant Park Conservancy – $1,000, Maynard Jackson High School Athletic Boosters – $500, Parkside Elementary School PTA – $500, Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe – $500, GBA Equality Foundation – $250, The Friendship Center of Atlanta, Inc. – $250, You Don’t Know My Story, Inc. – $250, Grant Park Recreation Center Gifts – $850, Grants Already Provided – $900, Total – $7,000. Motion to increase the philanthropic budget by $500 in 2022 was approved by the body with 13 votes.

Item Nine – Legacy Neighbor Ad Hoc Committee: First GPNA Legacy Committee Health and Safety Fair Success – We had Councilperson Winston present and we gave away 100 turkeys. Thank you to Carl Rowland for getting this committee off the ground and establishing the relationship with the Grant Park Recreation Center. 

Item Ten – Community Items: Warming stations volunteer support for December. Approval of the November Minutes.

New Business.

Adjournment – 8:30pm.

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Online Directory: Visit w HYPERLINK “” for committee meetings and Zoom links

Catherine Manci – President; Laura Keen – Vice President; Lauren Watt – Secretary; Evelyn Pannell – Treasurer; Samantha McKinlay – Fundraising Chair; Skyler Hassan – Land Use & Zoning Chair; Chris Newman – Public Safety Chair.

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